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The Gunslinger's Guns

Has anyone read Stephen King’s Dark Tower books? The main character has a set of revolvers that are fairly iconic, and I was thinking it could be cool to get one similar.

I think .45LC single actions are gonna be the best bet, with a longer barrel. I kinda like the look of this

They’re described as having Sandalwood grips, and a rose engraved on the frame somewhere.


It’s…beautiful… Very iconic, indeed.


Put a bid on one for $325. Could get one for $445. If I win (unlikely with 8 days left), awesome, if not it’ll wait, they’re all over for under $500.

Either way, it’s simultaneously historic in design yet fairly distinct, and with some subtle engraving could be a really neat tribute to a great series. I definitely want a SAA style wheel gun (though there’s a good chance I’ll get a 1888 Colt SAA from an Uncle down the line).

My North American Arms is the only wheelgun I’ve got, and it’s made me want more.


I’ve got a Ruger Blackhawk 45 colt
With 45 acpcylinder and I love it.


I read all the books. The ending was disappointing IMHO.

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I’ve been looking for a NAA 1873 Ultimate for a few years now. They’re very hard to come by.


@icedaddy56, which ending? King’s or the one his publisher asked?

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I always imagined him carrying a .44, even after calling a .357 a rediculously large caliber.
My 3 screw .44 mag. Still working out the parallax of the scope.



Didn’t know there were two endings. I didn’t want to say in case someone hasn’t read the books yet but Oh well, When the gunslinger gets to the tower in the end and everything starts all over again from the beginning.

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I had a special edition that had a forward from king then a prologue at the end. That was the ending the publisher pushed for, his ended with the doors closing behind him

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Still has an ending where the gunslinger never really wins. Just my viewpoint. I really like some of his other books, but had hoped for more at the end with this series.

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Reminds me of mad max


All hail Lord Humungus!

Those have always been my favorite stories, the tragic warrior. My mom was horrified that the road warrior was my favorite movie back when i was eight or whenever it was that i saw it the first time.
@icedaddy56 My biggest complaint on the dark tower was the crimson king. I felt like that whole last book was rushed or compressed. There were so many loose ends that he wanted to finally tie all together from pretty much every book he ever wrote, story lines inside just the tower series that needed to conclude, and the build up of the crimson king.
Through all the books, that was always there. Every time roland proved just how Man-Without-aname badass he was, i would think how awesome that fight was going to be. Roland and his six-guns against the guy who was the agent of destruction in the Stephen King universes.
The ultimate showdown of good vs evil. And it was such a disappointment. To me, that part deserved it’s own book. Then to tell the end right, at least two more books. I think it was the publisher that was pushing him and king was tired of it so he got the main points and “i gave enough hints throughout my books that you should know what happens after the door closes.”