M*CARBO Brotherhood

The Great MCarbo Turkey Shoot (The Sharpshooter series) July Match 🦃

For this months match we’re shooting this target. http://joefridaysays.com/TurkeyGS.pdf

The General Rules https://forum.mcarbo.com/t/the-sharpshooter-series/9930/2 will apply with the following changes:

All shooters using iron, open, peep, buckhorn or red dot non-magnified sights can add 2 points at 50yds and 5 points at 100yds to their total score. Shooters using optics (any sighting system that magnifies the image for the shooter) will score as the point of impact would indicate.

Five rounds for score. (Only five shots at the target.) Total of 50 points possible for optic shooters and 52 points for iron sights at 50yds. Fifty five points total possible for iron sights at 100yds and 50 points shooters using optics.

All iron sight shooters will be allowed to affix an orange pastie on the 10 ring as shown. The pastie shall not be larger than the 10 ring.

The deadline for target submittal will be midnight of the last Sunday of the month.