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The dead trigger

I posted a bit ago about issues with PMAG 27 round mags I had problems with. I sent those back to where I got them and ordered 33 round factory Glock mags.

I went out and shot using the Glock mags today to confirm they functioned properly. And, yes, they did. No FTF. No FTE. Buuuut… something else resurfaced.

I say “resurfaced” because with the with the PMAGs there were a couple of times where I would get what I can only characterize as a dead trigger. A bit of play, no travel, no bang. On both Glock mags about half way thru a fully loaded mag I got the dead trigger. Bolt looked to be fully seated (I didn’t try to push the handle forward… probably should have). The safety would not engage. I probably should have racked the bolt (will if it happens again) to see if that cleared the problem but instead I dropped the mag and then cleared the chamber. Reinserted the mag and the gun fired fine. Even reloaded the shell I ejected when I cleared the chamber and it fired fine.

Thoughts on this? I have the MCarbo trigger and spring kits installed. I was shooting 115 grain Federal FMJ target loads.


Kind of sounds like the hammer didn’t cock which usually means the bolt didn’t go back far enough on the prior round. Do you have the extra-power recoil spring in it? If so, I’d try using the original factory recoil spring to see if the problem recurs.


No. No recoil spring change. It’s the factory spring. I do have the MCarbo buffer but I would assume if it hits the buffer it’s cycling the full range.


I’d remove this and try again. I love MCARBO but I’m not sold on this thing not causing issues for some. Personally, I don’t see a need for it as the Ruger PCC is not a hard hitting gun, the recoil is very minimal.

If I’m not mistaken it is thicker than the factory buffer and in my mind that has the potential to cause issues. Just poking here but I’d pull that and see what happens.


Taking it back to stock is the first step. Test function and if it’s good, install one mod and test again. Some guns are just more finicky than others.


Thanks folks. I was primarily checking the mags today and I think they are ok. I put the MCarbo buffer in when they were doing a user test. I still have the stock buffer so I’ll compare the thickness to the MCarbo one to see if it looks significant. I have a limited amount of “investigation” ammo so that seems like a good place to start.

Something I should have performed was a simple bolt charge. If this happens again I’ll do that first. If that clears the trigger action I’ll be less concerned, as that would indicate a quick field solution.


I does sound like the bolt didn’t fully cock back the hammer, reinforced by the safety not engaging.

Could you have some light loads in your ammo stash. and thoughts on a lessor report/recoil ?

Then a gain it COULD be the buffer pad… Fully snapped into place?

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I misspoke in the original post. I was shooting Winchester 115 grain factory loads. But, they were factory loads. So I doubt they were light. And, in my post a few weeks ago where the same thing happened I was probably shooting PMC 115’s. Hmm. Lube the bolt?

I’ll check the buffer pad too.

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Truth is I have got light factory loads and it does happen, not often but it can.
Yeah a lil Mrs Lubner is always a good thing…
Clarification; I am speaking about Range grade ammo, defensive is held to a far higher standard, normally the price reflects the high QC but there is much gouging and fucery going on in the ammo sales ATM