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The CZ light trigger return spring is too light for some guns


I have installed a M*CARBO LTRS in CZ-97, and it worked like a charm.

I just installed a kit in a CZ P-09. However, the spring was too light there. The trigger was sluggish, hesitant to return and reset. I had to push it from the back for it to go all the way forward every third or fourth time.

So I decided to swap the TRSes between the P-09 and P-01 Omega, which had Cajun springs.
In the P-01, the lighter TRS works just fine. Even better, the P-09 works just fine with the heavier one.

In all of the Omega cases, the short leg of the spring is properly in the hole in the body of the trigger.

Did anyone have a similar issue or an explanation of why that might be?


I installed one more M*CARBO LTRS in a Canik T-series. The ones that do not have a visible from the outside pin on the left side holding the hammer axle.
Effortless install, no need to use a temporary pin holing the spring inside of the trigger.
Most important, the trigger returns flawlessly with the lighter TRS.

So is it that specific P-09 was unlucky, or other instances of the same model have issues as well?