M*CARBO Brotherhood

The Bright Side

Lets face it, life throws a LOT of curveballs, knuckleballs, and just down into the dirt sometimes. How you deal with things makes or breaks your level of success, or failures.
Cheers to the mistakes we all make, and why not share how youve found a silver lining, when faced with adversity. Most of us still have primarily 1st world problems, and even though the current worldwide status is bleak, i believe we are truly blessed in many regards.
Im not intending this to be a “heavy” topic, and as exhibit A, I present… COVID19, and its unexpected positive outcomes.

  1. I can now have food delivered to my car at almost any restaurant.
  2. I can actually sit or walk through a bar without rubbing shoulders with strangers.
  3. I can drop my kids off at the dentist and go hang outside messing around with my car * where i currently am having this epiphany*
    instead of sitting in the waiting room watching CNN.
  4. I got a new rifle and a green light on stock-piling more ammo.

The planes on our flights to MT were only half full and the airports were ghost towns!


Oh yes!

Also, I’m “forced” to work from home, so dry fire practice any time of day.

And I can do my exercise if I have a bit of down time at work - no need to step outside my “office” for it.

I can actually get used to it!


Working from home. I only need to stay sober enough to answer email.


COVID seemed like the low hanging fruit to start with…

Also, Today’s thunderstorms watered my garden.


Not having to wear pants is wonderful


standing at our shop door waiting to take employee temps, has afforded me a number of great sunrises.

Now that the morning temps are back in the 60s, i cant wait to get into my tree in the woods this fall.