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That Crazy Little Kel-Tec CP33 Blaster!


I know this new gun was covered in the Shot Show 2019 thread but I’d really like to see it get its own dedicated thread to give all the early adopters a place to rally and show off this neat little gun. It’s already appearing in the wild (sold out and not a penny under MSRP of course :roll_eyes:). I really hope Kel-Tec changes their history of undersaturating the market and inflating prices, demand, and outrage. Kel-Tec is the Nintendo of the firearms world. Nintendo is infamous for doing the same practices.


I’m definitely gonna grab one as long as first impressions are positive. If it runs well, this’ll be a definite purchase. Dig the weird design and high capacity.


I want one but I’m gonna give it a while and see some reviews. Maybe wait til Hickok45 tells me it’s okay. lol. Love that guy.


My first experience with Kel-Tec was with an early PMR-30. I was not at all impressed with that gun. It was always jamming. I later heard there was a recall to fix a problem. I cant say for sure as i never bought the gun since i had so many problems when test firing it. Id be real interested in seeing some reviews on this one. Got a nice little SilencerCo Sparrow suppressor i could put on there.


@Texprep I’d definitely be putting my Spectre II suppressor on this! I really hope I can find one :crossed_fingers:t2:


LOL! a Marvin- blaster!


ugly litte thing - but it looks like it is well-balanced sans suppressor

on the Gulf of Mexico


I like Hickok45 too, but I’ll get one when @Kona gets one, puts it through everything I know he’s gonna put it through, and if he says ‘oh HAIL yea!!’ Then I’m goin’ get me one👍


I have one in order with an FFL that I have done business with in the past. Now I am just waiting for that call…


@partsed awesome! Can’t wait for you to show and tell!


Now Logan, are you sure that your patience will hold out for a ‘show and tell?’ Laughing. Do you know how bad you want that toy??? :rofl:


@lonewolf i plan on getting one soon :+1:t2:


Right on! One can tell by your excitement when you had forwarded the reviews… It looks like it has the makings of a wonderful ‘addition!’