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That Crazy Little Kel-Tec CP33 Blaster!

I know this new gun was covered in the Shot Show 2019 thread but I’d really like to see it get its own dedicated thread to give all the early adopters a place to rally and show off this neat little gun. It’s already appearing in the wild (sold out and not a penny under MSRP of course :roll_eyes:). I really hope Kel-Tec changes their history of undersaturating the market and inflating prices, demand, and outrage. Kel-Tec is the Nintendo of the firearms world. Nintendo is infamous for doing the same practices.


I’m definitely gonna grab one as long as first impressions are positive. If it runs well, this’ll be a definite purchase. Dig the weird design and high capacity.


I want one but I’m gonna give it a while and see some reviews. Maybe wait til Hickok45 tells me it’s okay. lol. Love that guy.


My first experience with Kel-Tec was with an early PMR-30. I was not at all impressed with that gun. It was always jamming. I later heard there was a recall to fix a problem. I cant say for sure as i never bought the gun since i had so many problems when test firing it. Id be real interested in seeing some reviews on this one. Got a nice little SilencerCo Sparrow suppressor i could put on there.


@Texprep I’d definitely be putting my Spectre II suppressor on this! I really hope I can find one :crossed_fingers:t2:


LOL! a Marvin- blaster!


ugly litte thing - but it looks like it is well-balanced sans suppressor

on the Gulf of Mexico


I like Hickok45 too, but I’ll get one when @Kona gets one, puts it through everything I know he’s gonna put it through, and if he says ‘oh HAIL yea!!’ Then I’m goin’ get me one👍


I have one in order with an FFL that I have done business with in the past. Now I am just waiting for that call…


@partsed awesome! Can’t wait for you to show and tell!


Now Logan, are you sure that your patience will hold out for a ‘show and tell?’ Laughing. Do you know how bad you want that toy??? :rofl:

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@lonewolf i plan on getting one soon :+1:t2:


Right on! One can tell by your excitement when you had forwarded the reviews… It looks like it has the makings of a wonderful ‘addition!’


That didn’t take long for aftermarket to start.


Definitely wanna see aftermarket support, but I wonder how necessary most will find this. It’s a small release and the mag has to be pulled free.

We’ll see once I shoot it, and competition types may find it more useful


So, ran about 250-300 rounds through it today.

Federal 36 grain hollow points always had issues feeding on the first round but ran well after that (it was failing to fully enter the chamber). Dropping the mag and manually cycling the bolt usually chambered it.

Crappy Remington Thunderbolt sometimes had the same issue, but sometimes worked. Did have some improper feeding where it was almost straight up. Only started happening after it got dirty though.

Borrowed some American Eagle 40 grains that all chambered and ran flawlessly.

Gotta make sure the first round is set up right or the bolt will just miss it. Sometimes that happened mid mag.

Definitely not flawless, but not awful. I’m gonna try more AE and get some CCI standard velocity and mini mags and see how they run. Hopefully after it’s broken in and with the right ammo, it’ll run smooth enough to not be a hassle.

Never loaded the mags past low 20s either. Probably will load them as high as I can and let them sit to break them in too.


They have been out for a couple of years,they do help with the accidental Opp’s mag drop.

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I just went to the range with my new kel tec cp33 serial #0095.

All I can say is what a super fine shooting handgun. The sight radius is incredible. 9 inches. I am not sure if those are hi viz or Williams fire sights but they are bright in day light.
Magazinea were easy to load to load. No issues.
I was using thunderbolt ammo and 132 rounds flawless.

It looks awkward but who cares it is a great gun out if the box .

I cant wait tell they come out with the rifle version.

My badger 10/22 bullpup and my cmmg ar upper may have to go on the chopping block.

Those mags are fantastic. Way too expensive right now but it sure is the most compact 33 round 22lr mag out there.received_437191546851865


I was really impressed with mine as well! I initially had a learning curve loading the mags but after a few reloads, it was pretty easy going. I shot around 200 rounds of CCI ammo without a hiccup.


I wasn’t able to shoot it quite as much as I wanted during yesterday’s range trip (I had guests and we shot a bunch of different guns). But after probably 150 rounds or so, it was almost flawless. One failure to fully chamber the first round, and one where the next round was seated too low so the bolt didn’t catch it.

Can’t remember which ammo those were on, but I know it wasn’t CCI SV. I also tried a few Mini Mags, and both Aguila Super Maximum 30gr and American Eagle 40s.

So a better result than the first trip! I used Oneshot Cleaner/Lube liberally in the action and cleaned it, plus sprayed a little on the feed area of the mags.

It’s a blast to shoot when it runs and RSOs aren’t being grumpy about firing speed…


Another great range trip. Ran like a champ.
This gun is super accurate. It definitely could be used as a competition gun straight out of the box.

Kel tec hit it out of the park with this one.

Now for the cmr rifle version