M*CARBO Brotherhood

"Thanks" To The Brotherhood

I feel this needs to be said.

I’ve been using the internet and computers since the early '90s and I’ve seen some amazing uses of the technology. I’ve also watched the evolution (if you want to call it that) of how people interact with each other via this medium. There was a time when people were helpful and generally pleasant to deal with, trolling and saying things online to others you wouldn’t have the balls to say to their face didn’t exist yet. I’m pretty tech-savvy but as things changed I found myself less interested in using the technology and less likely to interact with others because of this. Everything seemed to be regressing. Just because there’s some kind of electronic shield or filter between you and someone else doesn’t necessarily give you license to be a colossal a$$hole. A little courtesy goes a long way and sometimes I feel like we’re losing sight of that when I watch the news each day. We don’t all have to agree, we don’t have to believe in the same things, look the same way, etc. etc…our differences is what makes us great as humans. I think all we really need is to afford each other a bit of common courtesy, not respect (like trust, you have to earn that one :wink:)

My point in saying all this is, the behavior and interaction of the members in this very forum gives me a bit of hope. I didn’t know what to expect when I registered and didn’t post for long time, I just observed from the shadows. But over time I’ve found that this place is full of interesting and helpful topics and that people here are very willing to assist with any knowledge and information they may have (some of which I’m experiencing firsthand at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:). No egos, no BS, no trolling, no smack-talking (unless it’s in jest), just a group of people with some common interests helping each other, sharing stories and having a bit of fun along the way.

In closing, I wanted to offer a sincere and massive "THANK YOU" to everyone here. I tip my hat to each and every one of you. So please take a minute and give yourselves a pat on the back today on me, you’ve most certainly earned it.


@chilipepper As for myself and all other brothers I’m sure, I would like to thank you Dave for that pat on the back and especially to the Forum Moderators. This really is a nice forum to be a part of.


That is very nice to hear from you @chilipepper. And you’re right! This is a special place where the Trolls and Ninkencocks of the cyber world tend to self segregate to anywhere else. The ones that don’t just naturally dissipate into the ether on their own (only 3 so far since founding!) get the perennial finger flick and they’re outta here!

Leaving us in a sort of ‘protected bubble’ of cool toys, great interactions, warm feelings, and Brotherhood. What more could you ask??:+1:


Only 3 since founding? That IS quite a feat, I’ve seen plenty where it was more like 3 per hour… :laughing:


@chilipepper thank you sir! We ALL have worked incredibly hard to make this place friendly and inviting and a true Brotherhood. We take it very seriously and thankfully we really haven’t had to be heavy handed in doing so. Like boom said, we’re not perfect and we’ve had a few bad apples but they were shown the door rather quickly. This is hands down the most friendly, inviting, and helpful forum I’ve ever seen. Glad to have you here! :+1:t2:


@chilipepper Very well said and true. Thanks for reminding us of the special place we have.


Well, I personally feel this “recipe” is working and long may it continue. The rest of the internet could learn a few important lessons from the behavior this group exhibits and I’m glad to be a part of it, however small that part is.

I know we’ve got active and retired law enforcement and military here as well as blokes like me who have nothing more than a boatload of common sense, a little range time, a hunter’s safety course and years freezing my butt off in woods in my teens. At my age now, it would be almost impossible for me to know or have the experience of all the guys (and gals) who work with firearms daily and/or spend more time at the range than they do sleeping. But a forum like this affords us all a healthy place to share and assist and it warms my heart to see the willingness to do so without hesitation. People genuinely wanting to help others. After all, what good is knowledge if you can’t pass it on? If no one in this world ever did that, we’d all be dribbling idiots.


The real credit goes to the members of this forum and their desire to have a friendly and knowledgeable place to trade ideas and information without the pettiness that plagues most forums. This is what makes this forum special.



That ‘message’ could not have been relayed any better, brother! :+1:


@chilipepper @Texprep@ ALL the Rest Well Spoken! Would love to Play today ! but I Gotta go Her Comes Nurse Rachet and Another Damn needle


The nurses you want.giphy%20(1)

The nurse that usually show up.

Wishing you the best outcome possible Tony.


@chilipepper That is very well said Dave, and thank you.


@chilipepper I second that emotion. I’ve been working in IT for about 25 years; I sit at a computer with 3 monitors all day. I email and otherwise collaborate electronically with co-workers throughout the day. So, I’m not a novice when it comes to things computer-wise.
I don’t do Twitter, FarceBook, or any of the others. They just seem overloaded with ego and pointless one-upsmanship. I don’t have the time or the patience for it.
I, too, was hesitant to sign-up for the Brotherhood initially, but I have found it quite rewarding – shared knowledge and sound advice freely given to all. The broad range of life experience expressed by the members is astonishing and valued greatly. I am grateful that I did take the chance and join this great group of folks.
Thank you to @chilipepper for bringing this up – a moment to reflect on our shared good fortune!


@jeffing65 and everyone else who’s replied. Appreciate you all saying so, the spirit moved me is all I can say and I felt the need to put it out there. The thanks go to everyone here, mods as well as us common folk. It is clearly a joint effort and the result is a pleasant and refreshing one.

Only 3 monitors, you amateur… :laughing: …j/k mate, though I do have 4 of the miserable things beaming god-knows-what into my pea brain on a daily basis…though I suppose it was much worse when the were CRT’s. :flushed: Perish the thought…

Funny, I’ve never done any form of social media, either. I can’t bear the thought of if (aside from the blatant disregard for personal information security by the companies involved, feel a major digression coming on so I’ll stop there…) and like you I don’t have the time to be bothered. Like your “callsign” BTW :wink:


Thank you, sir. And, I wanted to ask you
Red, green, or Xmas?


@SubVersive Ha ha! I got ya, though it’s actually a reference to the color of my car, Chili Red. All you LEO guys out there seem to appreciate it… :wink:

As for the chili sauce, I’m okay with any of the above, though as I get older I’ve noticed my digestive tract doesn’t feel the same way…sucks getting old…


Mostly concur though my personal belief is trust is earned, respect is given until it is lost.


@Popeye I hear ya, brother. I suspect we’re both in the same ballpark here. :wink: I do feel that the words “respect” and “trust” are overly and often improperly used in our society these days, which tends to diminish their value and importance. Unfortunately, I feel this has happened to many words in our language…or maybe I’m just turning into a crabby older guy and I can’t understand what the kids are saying…who knows? :grinning:

Now back to the gun talk, damn it!!! :grin::grin::grin:


I too have not been here long, but I have other interests in other on line groups and have regularly experienced the irresponsible behavior you well described here. It’s good to know the info you shared. Some people need to grow up or find more to do with their time.


@DennisF Welcome to the Brotherhood! They run a tight ship here regarding that type of thing…and I’m glad they do. This seems to be a really healthy place to interact with others with similar interests, and without all the garbage that tends to pollute other boards. :+1:

If you need to know something, someone here probably has the answer. It might take a while to plow through older threads but it’s usually well worth the investment. And if it hasn’t been covered, don’t hesitate to ask, someone will get you squared away or at least point you in the right direction. There’s a lot of knowledge and experience hiding behind these avatars and callsigns. :slightly_smiling_face: