M*CARBO Brotherhood

Thanks for the Brotherhood, Now Friends

Not long ago Rick @Festus and I talked about meeting at a range and shoot some guns. I got sent to Nevada for work for awhile and need to spend time at home on the weekends. Now I’m back working closer to home. Well last Sunday Rick and I meet at his local range for a fun filled day of shooting.

I brought—

1946 Remington Woodsmaster 81

.300 Savage

1957 Remington 721

.270 and a

Ruger GP 100 38/357 4”

Rick brought a M16A1 clone, break action for state compliance.

And a S & W 13-1.

We set up on the 50 yard range.

I just acquired the 81, and was chomping at the bit to see it in action. Day before I tried to find some ammo for it, but couldn’t find any here in Lodi. I did have a box of old ammo that came with the rifle. Heavy gun, shot high, had a FTE and last shot bolt does not stay open. Decided to put it away after a few rounds. Needs

a deep cleaning.

The 721 just got an new Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm Long Range MOA. I bore sighted at home the old fashion way. I put a target up on the back fence, leave back door open, set up a rifle rest in the kitchen, it’s 74’. Pull bolt , go to work.

Using a spotting scope and Working as a team we got it on paper and dialed. Each taking shots. Fun Fun​:v::v:

Now Rick’s M16A1 WOW!

Way Cool

Never had the pleasure to shoot anything like this before. Super nice trigger. Different feeling rifle with the recoil buffer in the stock.

I love it. This type frame will be my next rifle purchase.

Moved over to the 25 yard range for our wheel guns.

GP 100

I recently put a Burris FastFire lll on it and need to be dialed in. Setting down with sandbags, SA, working again as a team and Rick’s Steiner binoculars we got it shooting mighty fine.

S&W 13-1

Is a Masterpiece, just beautiful!!
And he shoots it like a champ without a red dot too.
He had some sweet .38 hand loads to share.

Well if you made it this far the heart of this post is next.

Here a Mcarbo we are a brotherhood. That is how I feel, this is what I sense and only hope others feel the same here.

Meeting Rick in person was a pleasure. If you don’t believe any of my past post or future post believe this. Rick @ Festus is a good man.

Honest , trustworthy, generous, knowledgeable,easy going. Firm handshake, look you right in the eye.

It’s my pleasure to call him my friend.

A. Chris Martin.


@Captainjack88 I’m honored, thanks for the kind words Chris.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Fantastic, very nicely conveyed recount of the day, Anthony.
That really says it all.
How much better could it get…
That’s Outstanding You Guys!!!


@Festus Nice to see the legendary “backstop” in action. :slightly_smiling_face:

That works really well for those benches and makes more sense now. The range I shoot at has ambi shooting benches and don’t have the extra real estate to the right side as a result. Looks like you’ve got more space between shooting benches as well.


@chilipepper We too have a few “ambi” benches scattered here and there. Yes, there’s good spacing between benches, what ya can’t see is the benches lost due to the “safety wall” just forward of the firing line.


@jeffing65 @Captainjack88 @Festus Well Said All to the Above! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
@Captainjack88 ‘‘Honorable Mention’’ For You Sir’ On the Notation of a Real Hand Shake! :point_up: A lost art I’m Afraid these days.



Absolutley! Quite right. And a solid hand shake, not some pamsi-wamsi insignificant excuse for one.
What happened to the idea that you “know” the people you know or interact with, because you had met them in person, eye to eye. You knew what a person was about and they you, demonstrated by action and behavior and where your honor and your word was all that was required


In my 70 plus years ! The ‘‘Half A**’’ Hand shakers Were not Good People in the End, Nor Worth the Association of Same in the End,Just my View.’