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Thank you veterans and police

You put your lives in harms way. I respect you for the protection you give. I help build and overhaul Air craft carriers and sub marines fo 30 years. I gave my best so that the one who sailed on these vessels where safe. Again you don’t get enough respect for what you do but I do respect you. May god be with you and keep you safe. Thanks


LindyBeige is a semi-crazy Brit historian who is fascinating to listen to on YouTube. Dude will spend 15 minutes talking about the machine gun mount on an M4 tank, but make it all sound as interesting a Playboy written in Braille. He LOVES tanks, but also covers other topics. I watched one last night on Battery 155, a British artillery unit in Africa in WW II. He began by relating how he was talking with a friend who, it seemed, was teaching university students. Apparently one of the students was complaining: “It’s getting close to VE Day. Why do we need to continue to observe that? Most of the people involved are dead, it’s all about war, etc…” LindyBeige, the presenter, then shared the story of Battery 155. Not going to spoil the story but will say the tale doesn’t end well for those troops BUT their sacrifice was hugely helpful and probably saved many other lives.

As a bonus, he has a sponsor for each episode: Sometimes it’s Audible, sometimes it’s Great Courses, etc. He will convince you to sign up for EVERYTHING - even stuff HE doesn’t understand!

He’s not always fair to us (the USA) but it’s good to see there are folks proud of their country – seems today there are people who want us all to be globalists instead of making our own country even better.


Actually since you used the word God, it does say blessed are the peace keepers.
As for globalist, my philosophy is this. You start with what you have and you make it better. Then from there you can expand and make the things around you better. My wife and I grew up a lot alike and while we can come off as a bit rough, we both have big hearts. We are not so much about hand outs that the younger generation expects, we are about opportunity. Because until they and people in general start being able to recognize opportunity and making good choices they will never be able to fill their own cup and thus make things better for those around them.
We are more about a hand up and not a hand out. That is the biggest discourse because us and young people and globalist in general.

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Why are all British main battle Tanks named beginning with the letter C, ( have been since WW2) - light vehicles such as Scorpion ( Though they would have been a god send had they not scrapped them would have been good for use on the MSR for convoy duties in Iraq)

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Doesn’t have something to do with the British designation of “Cruiser” tanks and “Infantry” tanks during WWII? All MBTs maintain the “C” to start to lead back to the “Cruiser” tanks and the “Infantry” tanks took names of famous persons (Matilda, Churchill, Valentine, etc.)
These seems to have been broken away from with IFVs though.