M*CARBO Brotherhood

Thank You To All Veterans

My sincerest thank you to all veterans and active duty of every service. You’ve stood between America and the evil of the rest of the world for close to 250 years and deserve all the honor and respect we can give you.




At the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month 1918 the guns finally fell silent ending the “Great War”, the “War to End All Wars” or World War I as many call it. This day November 11th is celebrated around the world as Armistice Day marking the ending of the war. After World War II and the Korean War Veterans of those wars asked Congress to change Armistice Day to Veterans Day, in order to honor veterans of every war. Congress agreed and President Eisenhower signed it into law in 1954.

Let us remember this day all of those served our great country, those that gave their all for it and those that stand before our enemies today.


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  • Thomas Jefferson

Most of that patriot blood was shed by our veterans, the men and women who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

American veterans are a breed apart. Living veterans represent less than 10-percent of the entire population yet this group of professionals served and fought to defend the values we cherish most, doing so with distinction and honor. They showed the courage of their convictions, leaving their homes and families to serve in distant, dangerous places, all because they believed in the promise of America.

On Veterans Day, we pause to remember the sacrifices of the soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guardsmen who chose a selfless path of service so that we may enjoy lives of comfort, safety and liberty. We salute these men and women, and their families, in appreciation for all they have done.

We hope you’ll join us today in honoring their commitment and service to our country.



A heartfelt Thank You to the real heroes.



You were and are worth it!


Thanks Men !


This was my veterans day FB post this year:

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month 102 years ago World War One ended.

The last American soldier to die in the War was recorded as killed in action at 1059.

In all likelihood really suicide, a man who had lost everything in the War and had nothing to come home to, and with the end of the War had lost the last thing he had to live for duty to his fellow soldiers. In the last minutes before the Armistice took effect, PVT Henry Gunther stood up and on his own charged a German machine gun, PVT Henry Gunther was hit 5 times and died instantly.


This is worth posting again. This was created by @jeffing65 if I’m not mistaken. A very nice tribute to the veterans of MCARBO and others.



Every day we as Americans get to wake up, look out our window, and see what it is to be free.
While looking out that window, we can have our cup of coffee, eat a nice breakfast because we have food on our tables, and ready our children for school so they can have something better than we have had.

When we walk out the door of our homes, we step into a land where we are allowed to travel without border checks, where we are allowed to openly express our beliefs, and where we can pursue the things that we believe to be important and carry value.

We have been given this, by each and every one of you whose courage and dedication, paid the cost of that freedom on our behalf.
When we see the photos of our veterans or meet them on the street, take a moment to stop and look at those faces, hear their words, and remember they are why we have what we have.

Please accept my personal and eternal gratitude for everything you and your families have sacrificed for me and my family.