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Hi Point Carbine Trigger Spring

Is this a difficult change out and is it worth changing?


Though I don’t have or have used a Hi-Point PCC my opinion is getting a trigger into the range of 2.5 to 5 pounds puts it in my personal sweet spot. Now you can concentrate on accuracy without the trigger fighting you.

One great thing about the trigger party swap kitsch is if you don’t like them you can put the original parts back.


I don’t own the Hi Point Carbine but have changed trigger springs on most if not all of my rifles/handguns. Some are easier than others but all were worth the effort. Watch this well made video on the subject, pause as needed or rewind. Hi Point Carbine trigger spring install I hope you do the work, enjoy the process and are happy with the results.


Change outs are not too difficult. Usually the only special tools you’ll need are punches and you can often substitute a nail of the right size. You typically just have to push with the punch and leave it in to hold things together.

Having your computer next to you and the instruction video up helps. Done two MCARBO trigger kits that way.