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Taurus TX22 - Who's got one?

I acquired one recently and have put a couple of hundred rounds through it. I have made a point of feeding it a variety of ammo, and it’s never misfired or failed to feed yet. BTW, I don’t clean it after every outing either. First thing out of the box I sandbagged it to sight it in at about 10 yards. After that, it’s been nothing but human error that’s made it miss. I’m happy I bought it, and I plan to keep it. Just wish Alien Gear made a Shape Shift for it.


I haven’t compared prices, but wonder if buying a standard model and then a competition slide would be cheaper route.
This is kinda what I did on my second P226. Bought the 22 classic and then the 9 mm xchange kit. Was a couple hundred cheaper.


Lakeline shipped very fast - got the TX22 sight set yesterday. I didn’t use the metal front sight - need to file it a little - but the rear sight went on smooth as silk. Screws are included. I put loc-tite under it and used a laser bore sight to get it close. It’ll still probably shoot too low but I have a file and I’m not afraid to use it. :wink: Also, I need to brighten up the dots - they’re a little dim for my old eyes - but it looks pretty good.


I shot mine suppressed with a buddies can thats still im atf jail the other day it’s just instant smiles all around! Also if you want a cheap red dot option and trigger upgrade this is what I did with mine.

Tandemkross victory trigger
Lakeline llc dove tail optic plate
Ade optic zanthium had to modify a bit
Pro comp on its way!