Taurus the Bull or just BS?

In conclusion… I pinged them once last time asking when they were going to answer my simple question. Here’s their response:

“We are sorry but after checking inventory we have no parts for your Taurus TCP (PT-738). You might try eBay.”

It took Taurus Customer Support over three weeks to come up with that answer.

Basically, the TCP was replaced by the Spectrum in 2018, which is a POS. The salient point is the TCP was in production four years ago. So if you need a spring or any other part that is subject to normal wear for a Taurus less than five years old, be prepared for disappointment. Nor does anyone else have parts.

I have 100 year old guns I can still get parts for.

The moral of the story is when you buy a gun from these Brazilian babacas, be prepared to toss it in the junk drawer when something wears out.

Like Taurus Customer Service and support after the sale, my Portuguese is terrible. My final words are, “Ola Taurus! Vai tomar no cu.” (Hey Taurus, Up your a__ )

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Found you a mag release…


Saw they have the spring w/release for only $15. Used, which isn’t optimal but any port in a storm. I’ll risk 15 bucks. Thanks. The issue with the gun is that this part wears faster than it should have. Presumably because it’s soft steel. And the spring is weak.

I saw some other used catches on eBay, also $35 bucks. But not a single, NOS part for this gun. Pretty much anywhere. Good thing Taurus doesn’t make cars. No replacement parts after 5 years.

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