Taurus the Bull or just BS?

If I have said anything good about Taurus, I hereby take it back.

I have exchanged four emails with their customer support in the past 3-4 weeks. I just want a mag release and spring for a TCP. That’s all. They make buying parts from them impossible. Back and forth, runaround.

Why is this so #$%^&* hard? I have given them my serial number twice. They take a week to respond and ask again.



Mail them some bacon. I find that always works.


I have a TX22 that has been keyholing bad! They are sending me a new barrel. I hope that fixes it. Time will tell. I should get it by next week.

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I’d be happy if they would just not ask me the same questions over and over.

I like the car, BTW. My oldest brother had an orange '69 Judge when I was a kid. I thought he and that car were beyond cool. When he left home to go to Vietnam, he left it at my parents house and gave me the keys. He told me to take care of it until he got back. I was not old enough to drive. But I washed and waxed it all the time. I’d sit in it listening to the radio.


Thanks Ive had that car since 1990! They are great cars. Im still running 8Tracks in it! Lol!

The TX22 I love the feel of the gun. I hope this fixes it. Ive been passively looking for a P17 for a while and this was there so bought it. I soon as can get my hands on a P17 i will get one of them.


I’m not happy with Taurus right now.

Enjoy that wide track, brother. I’m envious.

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Just sell it. I’ve had my mix of experiences with Taurus (good and bad), too. Their customer service is non-existent.

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I’m finding that out. On a scale of 1-10 I give them a -5.

I have two TCPs. Micro 380s. I like the gun. I hate the manufacturer. All I need is a @#$%^&* mag catch and they are making me jump thru hoops to get it. If I needed this part from Sig, Springfield or Beretta, it would have taken ten minutes and the order would be done. Nothing but good things to say about all three companies in terms of customer service and parts.

I was on a frustrating waiting list for a Raging Judge for ~9 months. :scream:
Eventually they did call me with a lead…but I moved on.

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Your best bet might be a local gunsmith, or tell them that you’re a gunsmith.

I had a Judge. It was an interesting novelty. No problems with it. I used it as a snake gun. But it was too big and clunky to carry. It ended up sitting in the safe taking up space so I recently sold it.

@darkaynjil I hadn’t thought of that. I’m kind of a half-assed gunsmith. I wonder if that counts? :slight_smile:

Well, how would they know if you are or aren’t? Tell them it’s a customer’s gun.

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It’s just the way it is with Taurus. They don’t want their guns being worked on by unqualified people so they don’t sell parts. They want you to send them the gun and they’ll fix it. It pissed me off too but I got over it. The price wasn’t unreasonable and the turnaround was quick enough. I eventually sold the offending Taurus Ultralight but I’ll probably keep the Tracker convertible. Probably won’t buy another Taurus though.

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Dumb strategy on their part. I’ll never buy another and tell everyone who asks the same.


I dont care for taurus semi auto’s even though they have got alot better then there early attempts. I do own a few taurus revolvers. And its a snub 357 that is my edc. And anytime ive ever had to contact Taurus they was very prompt with reply’s and assistance. Ive never had to send a firearm into them though. My experiences with taurus customer service has been good and i will keep buying there revolvers. Atleast until i experience problems like some of you guys.


I have 4 Taurus handguns. Including my first one I purchased when I turned 21.

I have only dealt with Taurus once on a PT111. It went back to them twice to fix light primer strikes. Both times I received it back within a week. Should have been fixed the first time, but oh well.

I have been pleased with them overall as a brand and although they are not high end guns I think they are great for the money. I’m still Leary of their striker pistols due to my experience with the pt111.

My 92 has been flawless with thousands of rounds and 17 years of use and abuse.


My brother has a Taurus 1911 that he bought from a coworker for $500 with extra mags and ammo. Gun snobs constantly give him crap for it. The thing has been flawless for him. We were at an indoor range and the worker bet my brother that he could get it to jam. The guy was intentionally limp wristing and everything else he could try. It would not jam. The guy was borderline pissed because he just got showed up by a cheap 1911 lol


My FFL (who runs a home based biz) was recently telling me that his opinion of Taurus has improved. I believe the somewhat new CEO came from Sig, so I don’t doubt they are improving the guns. Their guns are not superior to the competition, but maybe good enough. I’m not debating that.

Making a decent product is all well and good but if your customer service sucks and it takes three #$%^& weeks to get someone to tell a customer how to buy a mag catch I’m not interested in their product. I could have had that done with Beretta, Ruger or Sig in 5 minutes and received a thank you.

The nimrod who has been communicating with me is definitely offshore. Possibly in Brazil at their HQ. I suspect Brazil because the timing of their early evening responses suggests a different timezone.

The only company who has done worse for me than Taurus is Kimber. Their customer service is appallingly bad, unresponsive. I love their guns, but gave up expecting anything from them after the sale.


You all know me and know that I am the Taurus fanboy around here.
Here’s what I know. Anything made in Brazil is not getting fixed easily.
When they were based in Miami, CS was horrible and justifiably so.
Now that they have moved to Bainbridge Ga, things are getting better.
They actually have the space and facilities to work on their firearms.
It may take patience for them to get it right. A hard thing to ask for.
I’ve never had to deal with CS, as all my Taurus pistols are flawless.