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Taurus PT92 Upgrades

Has anyone tried to upgrade the Taurus PT92? I know I would like to see a magwell, an extended magazine release maybe thinner grips, there are a few things that can be done to make this great firearm even better.

@Sammyman13 Welcome aboard. I’m not familiar with the PT92 but can’t help wonder if all/some of the nice stuff available for the Beretta would work.

I have had one for the past 15 years.

I have the beretta trigger kit to see it will work. Just need the time to try it. A lot of the beretta parts will worth though.

Thank you, I tried a few things for the beretta that work but a lot of them do not, like right now for me the most critical is the mag release extender but they are not compatible. Anyway Thank you.

Thanks, I tried a Willson combat short reach trigger but did not work the trigger is longer in length than the stock Taurus one.

This may help you. Beretta92 vs. Taurus PT92