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Taurus Letter To Customers

To Our Customers,

As the new President and CEO of the Taurus companies here in the U.S.A., I want to address an issue our companies are currently facing and reassure you of the efforts going into improving our customer service.

It became very apparent to me that we are not meeting our goal to provide world-class customer service to those of you who have put your trust in our products. My intention is to fix that, so if the situation does come up where you must utilize one of our firearm’s warranty, that we take care of you in a way that leaves a lasting positive impression about our companies.

That said, I am pleased to report that despite some business disruption caused by the relocation of our corporate headquarters and operational facilities from Florida to Georgia at the start of this year, the move has been an all-around success and positive development for our companies. We are all facing new challenges with the effects of COVID-19, but I want you to know that the Taurus companies are working harder than ever to address your customer service concerns. Our teams are currently working nights and weekends to reduce the long backorder in the repair segments of our companies. Current lead times are ranging from 4-6 months and increases by extremely long wait times in our phone systems. This situation is not up to the high standards we set for ourselves, and quite frankly, our customers deserve much better.

We have implemented many new measures to address these issues. Here are some of them:

  • Additional manpower to our customer service, gunsmithing, and shipping teams
  • Additional training has been implemented to improve our ability to help consumers resolve product issues promptly
  • Commonly requested parts will be made available on our website, at a reasonable price
  • Additional shipping terminals dedicated to repair and web store orders

These measures have been put in place to enhance our customer experience and to give our customer service agents more tools to help our customers. It will take some time to get our warranty repair service where we want it to be, but we have a solid plan to get us there. We still have a lot of work ahead of us and are dedicated to correcting these issues as quickly as possible.

I want to thank all of you for your patience personally, and please know that I have heard the complaints loud and clear. Our companies are dedicated to offering industry-leading customer service, and we will have these issues fixed very soon.


Bret Vorhees
President and CEO of Taurus Holdings, Inc.

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I can honestly say I’ve not had any trouble with their CS. At a time when Taurus was getting blasted for less than stellar service (Fall of 2018) I found it necessary to return my 605 for a new barrel, which was on their nickel all around and back to me in 2.5 weeks. No muss, no fuss, barrel replaced.


I honestly never had an issue either. I had to send a PT-111 to them twice to fix issues but had it back very quickly and they were very helpful throughout the whole process. Even though the second time they refused to let me pick it up at the factory since I happened to be in the area. They held it for shipping until I returned home.

My first pistol was a Taurus 92 I bought the day after I turned 21 (15 years ago). Still have it. My wife has the pt-111 and after they fixed the light primer strikes it’s been perfect for about the last 10 years.


I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about Taurus, both malfunctions and customer service nightmares.

While I’ve heard good things about some of their recent designs, the TX22 in particular, I wouldn’t get one for serious use until they have several years of better service. Hopefully this is a move in that direction.


The only Taurus I own is a TX22 and it runs great particularly with a can.
It looks like the new guy is making a concerted effort which I applaud.


I had a Taurus 9mm about 15-17 yrs ago, it was a decent little shooter. Can’t remember the designation, Millennium or something, I only had it a couple yrs and never had a problem with it. But I have avoided purchasing another firearm from them because of the horror story’s I’ve heard over the years. I do hope they get it all figured out.


This guy has been making improvements since he got there.
I own 3 Taurus pistols, G2c 9mm, G3 9mm and Tx22 22lr.
The quality and features of each far exceeds the price tag.
The nines are very reliable and accurate shooters.


I have a full-size 24/7 pro in 45acp that I bought about 15-17 years ago and have had 0 issues with it and is still one of my favorites to shoot


4-6 months? Holy crap. I had my finicky P365 to Sig and back TWICE in less than a month. All on their dime, too. Taurus should contact them for customer service lessons. LOL


I thought that too, didn’t realize they were so far behind in repairs. They really need to improve that situation. I’d be pretty hot if my gun disappeared to Taurus Land for six months.


I talked to the guys at Sig on the phone and they said they have “duty” gunsmiths who do nothing but fix broken guns either right off the line or customer returns and the latter always gets first priority. On one of my P365’s trips, they checked it in, test fired it, fixed it, test fired it again and had it sent to shipping all in the same day. Now, that’s fast, especially with 2nd day air shipping both ways. :+1:


Yeah that’s impressive, much better than my Springfield experience, the gun disappeared for two months with no updates from Springfield.
As soon as the gun came back I traded it, no more XD series for me.


I sent the new Prez a letter, indicating that his plan is sound, and if they had made better quality guns all along, their c/s would not be so jammed up. I also said their TX22 and G3 are what I’m talking about.


Mr. Vorhees
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the firearms enthusiasts that frequent this site, among many others. I own many handguns, rifles, and shotguns, but I do not yet own any Taurus products. I came close with your Taurus 92 and when I’m ready to add a Beretta design I will move forward with your offering. Please let me make my recommendation for what I’d like to see in your pistol offerings. I like your TH series hammer pistols because they offer ambi controls, but would ask that you create a model with the slide ready for red-dot optics or even a tactical model. I also like the G2 series but want ambi controls in a striker fired gun. When I say “ambi controls” I mean all controls including a manual safety. This would be a firearm that either I or my wife could carry comfortably but I will not carry (nor will I let my wife carry) any pistol that does not have a safety on it. And I don’t care what the so-called experts have to say about it. And I’m left-handed so would want the controls to be ambidextrous. Your product offerings present real value - good quality at a very affordable price. Thanks for listening.

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As I understand it, Taurus bought the Beretta factory in Brazil.
They used all the existing tools, dies, whatever to make their 92.
I think the quality should be similar, if they used same materials.
I had it in my wishlist at Bud’s for a long time, just never got it.


Yes, you are correct. A 92 is on my list of pistols but the list has about 4 or 5 on it. Right now I’m working on a FNS-9 with APEX trigger and slide milled. I ordered a Holosun 507c for it. As I said in my post, I like ambi controls and the FNS is set up for me plus its striker fired. This won’t be a carry gun – want a pistol for longer yardage shooting. I put the M*carbo springs in it. I have read that the Taurus guns are decent quality but not great triggers. Best to you. Stay safe and healthy.


I do the vast majority of smithing on my own weapons, and the unavailability of parts is a good reason for me to not add any more Taurus weapons to my stable. I was able to get a mag release spring and ejector but these aren’t the only parts that one might need in order to keep a weapon running.


Welcome to the Brotherhood


I was told something similar in the 80’s except it was S&W tooling. I bought my first Taurus then, a copy of the model 19. Wishing I’d have held on to that one.

@wstan101 Welcome aboard.


I own two TX22’s and they both shoot great. CS has been very good to me. I called to order 5 magazines when the TX22 1st came out. Received a great price & they threw in a nice patch & logo stickers (I’m a sucker for both)! Shipping was fast. I had a few questions b4 I purchased the TX22’s. CS got me to tech support & they were extremely helpful.