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Taurus 692 Tracker

Anyone familiar with the Taurus 692 Tracker? This is their revolver model with two 7-round cylinders: One for .38/.357 and the other for 9mm. Switching is supposed to be easy. I like the idea of a single weapon in multiple calibers (esp. with the ammunition situation these days) and that it is a revolver. Am looking for the 3" barrel, all black frame model. I’m thinking it could become my CCW if it shoots well, is reliable, etc.

Thanks for the info, folks!




I’m not familiar with the Taurus model but I did have a Ruger New model Blackhawk that was a convertible. The 9mm cylinder used moon clips but was still fairly accurate… mine was a 4 5/8 in model and I used 357mag more than anything because of using it for hunting.

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Thanks, Robert! I’ll keep an eye out for that weapon. I will probably use more .38/9mm in whatever I get; I’m on the smaller side and have a few years on me. Not sure the wrists are up to a constant diet of .357. Plus, I am trying to keep a narrow range of calibers. IMHO, nothing worse than having ten rounds of ten different calibers when I could have 25 of four. Local shops are getting crazy prices for ammo – when they can get it from their sources.

Thank you for your service!

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No thanks needed just Glad to share some knowledge. The only reason for shooting more 357 for me was to hunt with. it was my 1st hunting handgun & I did some (horse trading)to get it but when I went to the range I always shot a mixture of calibers. 38spl always grouped the best. Even when I had a couple different types of 357/38 snubbys 38 always grouped best.

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Merry Christmas, Robert! Looking forward to chatting more with you in 2021.

Merry Christmas to you and yours also

I had a Blackhawk and loved it. Wish I’d kept it but I’m a bit dense.

Bought a Tracker 692 3" matte stainless a few months ago. Love it, wife loves it (which speaks volumes about the ported barrel). Our son loves it, he has pretty high standards. Switching to 9mm is VERY easy.

Highly recommend.

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I’ve had some Nice revolvers in the past &yes I’d like to kick myself for letting them go. Ruger revolvers are my favorite. But I’ve had a few that weren’t Big name that had an appeal to me also.

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I admit I am not brand loyal. For instance, I have a Hi Point C9 that I really like. People call it ugly, but it is nice and heavy, and gets the job done. I’m looking forward to Hi Point’s YC9. If delivered as advertised, it will some great features at a great price point. The Hyundai of firearms, if you will.

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My very 1st handgun ever was a Hi point 45 back in the early 90s. I think I paid $125 for it and it was like carrying a brick but it did what it was supposed to do. If you really like a small revolver for carrying there are some very nice, inexpensive brands out there. I had a Rossi 357 snubnose back in the day that was pretty awesome. It was a 6 shot polished stainless with a great rubber pebble grain grip, it even made 357 More manageable to shoot.

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@Nomad733 That is a sharp looking revolver you are asking about, really like the porting on the barrel, adjustable rear sight and ability to switch to 9mm.


Thanks, Dave. Really hoping I can find one – at a decent price – soon. I’m about to jump on a plane for Brazil if the shortage in the US continues for long.


I agree with Dave Nice smooth lines the porting helps a lot and I really like the rear adjustable target sight. I’ve only ever held 1 never had a chance to shoot 1.


Have seen reviews on other sites that dislike the porting bc the reviewers feel it will bleed off too much muzzle velocity. That is probably a valid observation, but since I intend this to be CCW, I’m not too worried about that potential loss UNLESS someone can tell me it is significant.

Apparently Taurus is now making an non-ported model with a 2.5" barrel. Too lazy to calculate (I was told math was not allowed on this forum) but I would guess muzzle velocity of a 3" barrel with porting is roughly the same as that of a 2.5" non-ported barrel. If someone has the specs for each, I’d appreciate seeing them. Thanks!

I’m not sure of those specs but I do know that the shorter the barrel is the more felt recoil you will have. I’ve shot both ported and non ported 2in snubbys trust me when I say you will come to appreciate the ported barrel more over the non ported even if you only shoot 38 spl.from it.

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The only thing negative about using a ported barrel on a CCW is the flames that come out of it at night are distracting.

Anybody else recall the Cold War advice of “Nuke 'em until they glow, then shoot them at night.”? Put those ported flames to use.