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Way back when Duran Duran, Madonna, and Billy Idol were on the top of the music charts, and Ronald Reagan was our President (one of our best ever, IMHO), my crew and I played this game…Each shooter takes a turn until each shooter has 5 cards…The Best hand wins. Everyone else runs a Mile with their weapon, and 200 rounds of ammo.Card Deck 01|645x500


I doubt I can run it but I’d be delighted to hobble a mile if you supply the 200 rounds of ammo! :rofl:


Those were the days!


Im going to print it on 8.5x11 next time i hit the range… dont know if i can run a mile anymore, but i can surely ride my bike 4 miles to work and back if i lose…
Deal me in… any other takers? :smirk::grin:


With Ammo prices today, if someone would supply 200 rounds per mile, I’d run another marathon.


Yes. As far as Music Quality, Ammo Pricing, and general self wellness/strength goes…those were by far, “The Days”. We were invincible then. Weren’t we?


Back in the day we used an actual deck of playing cards. And we shot from 200 to 800 yards. These days I print a deck of cards onto 3 sheets of paper and shoot my AirForce Condor SS from 50 to 100 yards. Sometimes I can get my local range guys into a “Shooter’s Poker Hand shootout”, and we’ll shoot rimfire at 100-300 yards. But running has been replaced with dollar bills. LOL. Lots of fun, still.


I can still walk a mile. Does that count?

I decided that I needed to up my game with the handguns, so I set myself a goal to be able to put 5 rounds into a playing card at 10 yards. I’m too cheap to use real cards, so I started fiddling around with Publisher and created card-sized targets with Nancy P’s face on them. Gotta have some incentive, ya know :smirk:.

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Lol, my brother was telling me that this big ole farm boy had hit the chain on the 300 yard gong. Well the gong is on the other side a a pretty decent sized valley. He was not happy to hear " you broke it, now go over to the shed and find something and go fix it". After a whole bunch of moaning and groaning, my nephew finally told him they had and he could use the 4 wheeler. :rofl:
Shot placement 101: it’s important. From a gong to how far you have to track a deer or whatever, it’s important.