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Target Sports Website Down?

Anyone else not able to get on to Target Sports USA website? I’ve been wanting to place an ammo order but I can’t get on. Been since around 7 am at least. It’s after 5 pm now, so it seems a little more than standard maintenance.


Try this link:



Seems to be working now 2:30 west coast time


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Nope. I only get s message saying “refused”. My wifes tablet too. Maybe I should try changing networks…

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Never mind. My network. Works fine when I turn off the WiFi and use data. But that’s why I was asking…

Thanx guys.

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Try power cycling you WiFi hub.

Yea, it’s weird because I’ve tried everything with no success. Powered down the WiFi, cleared the browsing history, powering off the tablet and phone…and nothing. If I get off the WiFi and use data, no issues. So it MUST be something with the network. I’m going to try to restart the router again, but damn. At least I got my ammo order in.

Works here too. 8:50 AM