Tales From The Gun Range


@jeffing65 been there done that buddy. Not a good feeling to be shot at!


@jeffing65 I second @Kona statement.

Wasn’t being a smart alec, in fact in those moments our brains often “fill in the gaps” with the way we think things should be. My first engagement I couldn’t remember a single detail afterwards…only bits and pieces like it was happened to someone else.


@Kona GTSR! You know the thing is, this little 4sq mile area, is within a 15 sq mile area that I am intimately familiar in the extreme. That includes the geography, vegetation, animal life, the Oregon Trail north-side alternate sections, bits of still remaining down telegraph line crossbars and on. You get the picture.
I am very aware of the real dangers of the area and address that in my methods and tactics to negate being in a position that is vulnerable, an area I can’t either observe and clear, or take inventory who or what is around me. (people, cars, targets, dust trails, deer, cattle)
Odd as it may be, within my controlled conditions and awareness, I have gotten used to ricochets passing over me or in the surrounding area. They sound bad sometimes, but after impacting nearly any background in this area (cliff face, dirt and sand hillside, lava rock ridge spine) the bullet or fragments can only deflect and travel up at a steep angle.
They are 100’s of feet above and offset from you and could never achieve a trajectory anywhere near you.

That being said, I followed my rules and I was down in a little pocket below any flat or long distance plane. I was defended by a little ridge on one side and open and known to be empty on the other etc.
The other side of the ridge is where it came from, but the specific set of circumstances required, to allow what happened to be possible, (as you will see when I get to the 2nd post with pic and description) is 1 in ?. I don’t care, I am the 1.


@Johnksg :rofl::rofl::rofl: my first “engagement” I promptly forgot the first rule of a 50 cal, and proceeded to lay some hate, by locking down on the butterflies and cooking off a full belt.
time we got back in the nest, I was getting my butt reamed and learning how to change barrels in a 50 cal, with headspacing(still got the guage)
Adrenalin from incoming fire as a newbie can make you do or not do things normally you would do. :rofl: I cooked ,slicked and warped the barrel… but i learned after that.
bursts to keep the weapon in operation…


Last weekend I took my buddy, who has basically never shot but is thinking of getting a gun, to the range.

Primarily introduced him to my M&P 2.0 9c (with the red dot off). I’m recommending that, or similar, as something that will work for carry or home defense.

Also let him shoot the Sub (and I haven’t shot it myself in some time). He struggled with a cheek weld but liked it. I really enjoyed shooting it again (the .40 with a muzzle brake sounds amazing). Did have a round wedge on the feed ramp, possibly a failure in my 30 round ProMag. Actually pushed the bullet down into the casing.

Also shot my Shield .40, which isn’t as bad as I remember it being, and my Henry .22, just for fun.

It was a great trip and hopefully started him down the road to gun ownership!


@TheThreeLaws sounds like you had a good time. My brother came to shoot with my buddy and myself. He brought a Sharps .45-70, a Henry 1866, and some other levers and SA pistol.

I brought Versa Max as I am putting RMR sights on all of my primary competition guns and need to sight it in. Also brought my S2K.

Spent five hours obliterating clays, targets, and solving all the world’s problems.

Brother now wants a S2K and a Versa max. :sunglasses::+1:


@GOBLIN because I was senior NCO and acting team commander I had to file an after action report.

Here it is in all of my articulate glory…

"We drove near that abandoned city, I can’t remember its name. Some guys shot at us so we shot back. They had a tank so we left! "

My 1st Sgt and Skipper laughed about it right up until my EAS. :flushed:


Yesterday I stopped off at the local big box store after running a six-hour shooting clinic. As I was pushing my cart down the aisle I saw a man bent over getting an item from a lower shelf…for just a moment his side arm showed.

The lady next to me saw it as well and stage whispered to me “that man has a gun!”

I just looked at her blankly (I was very tired) and replied, “So?”

She got upset, wanted me to do something about it, wanted to tell the manager, wanted to call the police, etc and never once realized the guy she was standing next to was also carrying a gun! :grin::+1:


As a cop, we get those calls every so often, usually about someone concealing (in a holster) or open carrying (legal on this state).

Usually we don’t find them, nor do we really care to if they’re not brandishing it. It’s usually an anonymous complainant, which is too bad–I always want to explain how they’re just exercising their rights, and the most I’d be interested in asking him is what he’s carrying, one gun guy to another.

Working a mid size city in a gun friendly state can be interesting. Lots of people don’t know the laws, or consider that most criminals don’t use holsters


took out the 597 for a couple of shots the weekend tried a few diferent bullets groupings were not bad from 25 yards


@everyone I apologize for not posting the 2nd part of my previous post. Been working out of town, and now I realized I can’t upload the SAT pics in the format they are in.
Sorry all, I will get it figured out and posted…


As we All are Waiting for the rest of the Story!!:rofl::rofl:
I hate that word ‘‘Format’’ and the Error Message,You Can’t do that here!


@DivaMarie Yeah, I know. Sorry about the wait.
And I agree about the “format” thing.
It is calm and overcast right now and looks like I can beat the rain, so I am getting ready to drive back over and take some ground view pics in a few minutes.

Ironically, as I had mentioned bans or restrictions in the works for the area, here is the news from the last couple days.


@jeffing65 Jesus Jeff’ by the Map,Talk about ‘‘Population Explosion’’ :astonished:
There was nothing at Jerome in the 70’s If my Pee brain is still working? Coming down from Ketchum didnt we take a right at Jerome to Boise?


@DivaMarie Yep, Your right. The overhead view in the first article is actually just on the north side of the canyon and east of the Perrine Bridge and US93 from Twin Falls. That area is in Jerome county but Jerome itself is about 5 miles WNW.

You would be just stunned seeing the area today. It’s nothing like it used to be, or how you remember it. Last year we were officially designated a Metropolitan area. I can’t remember what the exact parameters make it that right off.
Not an improvement over the years I can assure you.


Here is a couple pics of the trash and misuse that has partly led to the shooting ban in the area I posted about earlier. And a nice target I picked up last week that someone built and then left out in the desert.


@jeffing65 It’s a shame about the litter but it’s like that just about everywhere you go. People don’t give a crap. They would rather toss it out of their vehicle than bag it. You did score a nice target Jeff.:+1:


@Don68 It really is a shame. It boggles my mind how people apparently have no pride in anything or self respect of any kind…
As for the target, You wouldn’t think they intended to leave it, but hard to say. I have been watching the local lost and found ads just in case.


@jeffing65 @Don68 Great Score on the Target Jeffing!:joy: And Don you are so Right On about the (Ugly American):nauseated_face:
Myself I have always Thought bottle Shooters and Breakers of Same in Public Parks/Camp grounds Should be Addressed in a Manner,That is (Unfit) to Put on This Forum !! :rage:


My attitude as well!:+1: