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Tales From The Gun Range


I thought I would share with the brotherhood the new training course I am running this year. We call it the Practical Tactical Shooters and we will run this twice a month until November.

Basically it is a bring any gun you own to the gun fight course. I run one shoot for long guns and another for pistol/PCC. I use IDPA metrics and frangible targets. The course is simple, no zombie hordes, shoot from blind barricades, movement, and no shoot targets. Shooters get to run the course again and again until we run out of time.

Last week was our first shoot. I had a guy show up with a .38 snubby that he bought in the 60s and has not shot since he bought it. (After a good cleaning I let him shoot). The course was very simple: I set up two blind barricades 3 yards apart. In front of the first barricade was a single IDPA target and a white no shoot hostage they had to shoot around. The second barricade was two IDPA targets. Each shooter had to put 2-shots in the B-zone or better.

Now I know what you are all thinking, that such a course is too easy. But I would also argue that it is more realistic. Most of my gunslingers didn’t show up but I did get a lot of new shooters.

However, those of my gunslingers who did show had a great time! And they found it to be a challenge in a different way.

The first time I ran it with my PCC my time was 9 seconds. My last run through was 4.88 seconds! (I don’t care who you are, 6 shots on three separate targets from two different positions out of a long gun in under 5 seconds is fast!!!) Now all of my competition gunslingers are signing up for the next clinic to see if the can beat the “old man.”

And that is my goal. To have a practice/clinic that includes everyone in a realistic setting. No race gear. Must take full cover. (Did I mention that on position two you had to drop to one knee and fire?) But most of all I want people to run stages over and over again so they can see immediate growth.

We started with 5 guys, its Sunday am and I already have 23 folks signed up for the next shoot! :astonished:


If I could swing the commute … I’d be all over this opportunity. Heck … if I could simply get a second run at each course I’d be a competition shooting junkie. But, since my only opportunities to shoot the situations are timed single run events, I don’t ever feel like I am learning. It seems you are gaining participation quickly by offering the chance to learn a lot.


Thats what I was aiming for. I ran that stage six times myself, and saw my time coming down each round. As I did it I was thinking, visualizing my footwork, how to use the blind barricades to my advantage…

In other words I was learning!

The two other gunslingers had the same experience as I did. Yes we were Gaming the course but so what? Just knowing I am still capable of a national caliber time with splits down around the .3 second range is big! If for no other reason than proving to myself that it is possible! :grin:

I have been mulling these ideas and others around for a long time. I want to create something new. Not IPSC, not IDPA, not USPSA but what each of those started out as.

Practical tactical.


The club secretary has not even posted it yet, this is just word of mouth since Friday!

As of now we are up to 26 people for next shoot. :grin:

It is a bring whatever gun you have to the gunfight, and realistic timed scenarios.


Thought I would share pics of the new barricades I am building. They are modular, can be attached in straight rows or right angles to make any combination my evil heart desires!

I am using 1/8" masonite for safety. Each barricade is 5’ and each target stand is 4’

I am building 14 of them!

@Kona I’m getting ready for you pal! :grin::smiling_imp:


@johnksg would like to see more in depth description of build and materials.


And for my safety hawks…don’t worry, no 180 traps and all will be safe. Kinda like an outdoor shoothouse that I can quickly set up.


@Kona no problem. My original goal was to design a course that was similar to a shoot house that could be set up quickly and built cheaply and in many configurations.

I wanted to switch to more realistic scenarios, fewer targets, more no shoots, and more barricades.

No more see through mesh or blue barrels! And with the height of the stands and barricades even my 6’3" neighbor can’t see targets.

Each panel is 1/8" press-board, cut to 4x4’. If it is accidentally shot it will not splinter. If someone falls it will just break clean. The supports and frame are made out of 2x2" boards.

Bases are 2x4" PT cut to length so one stand will support securely 3 panels.

Each panel can be connected with a single cotter pin through a right angle bracket.

Total cost for 14 new barricades is appx $500.


@johnksg interested in pursuing something similar


@Kona actually you were the inspiration, that and listening to decades of grumbling about how “gamey” the various competitions have become.

Remember our discussion about the hostage targets you showed me? The ones that really disturbed me?

I thought why not build a maze, where competitors are still racing the clock,but they have to turn corners, and make a split second decision to engage or not. Turn a corner hostage, turn another corner two bad guys, who knows what is behind the next corner?

It is a cheap, light weight, modular shoot house that can be reconfigured however you want. :grin:


Well tomorrow they expecting snow so picked up more materials for barricades. I am building three types: single, double, and triple panel stands. I hope to have at least six ready for my defensive shotgun class this Friday.

I will post pics as I go if you guys are interested?

Also recruited a guy to take over all the communications duties. He handles all emails and media…I am really hoping he can help me with videos. (I would really like to share those!)


All out of likes… Pray your media/email man works out! I am looking forward to your barricade build!


@Johnksg:+1: bring them on john i for one will be interested in seeing the videos



I would like to see the pics and any videos, too.


Well I don’t know about you guys but I was getting tired of watching @Kona fumble and stumble around a range! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Figured you guys can watch a fat old guy stumble and fumble around for a change. :astonished:


@Johnksg any time you wanna run a stage against me, Palooka.


@Johnksg as long as they is no wall to poke yer head thru my brother… :grin::grin::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


First a disclaimer: I know there are some pretty skilled fabricators around here and this is pretty basic. But maybe someone will find this of value?

Parts list (makes 2 panels + 1 base):
9/16 lath screws
#9 9x3 deck screws
#9 1 1/2 screws
Two, 4" angle brackets
4x8x1/8 masonite panel (rip 4x4)
Six, 2x2x8 KD board
Two, 2x4x8 PT board


Next you are going to cut your 2x2 in the following lengths:

2 - 48"
4 - 5’
2 - 45"

You will then assemble using 4 deck screws to create a frame for your 4x4 panel w/1’ legs.

Next your going to cover with the lath screws…don’t skimp on the screws their strength comes thru numbers!


Your bases are cut to 52" in length (x2) with a piece of 2x2 scrap in between. Cut two 16" pieces to make the legs.

In this pic you can see the 4" brackets. I just drill a hole on one panel and insert a cotter pin on a rope to hold in place.

As you can see the stack in a pretty small space and you can configure them to your hearts content!

When paired with 4’ target stands they work perfectly!

I finished the first six barricades I am going to use in the tactical shotgun course this Friday.

Total cost for 6 frames and stands came out to $120. :grin::+1: