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Tales From The Gun Range

Last Sunday I was at the clubhouse and the revival was in full swing. The sporting clay folks had parked their golf carts and UTVs, the tactical shooters had finished their sets, and the cowboys had wrapped up whatever the hell cowboy action shooters do. Lunch was served and after the mandatory moaning about the last salmon season, and griping about gun control, the topic turned to safety.

One of our coaches and an IDPA shooter told about practicing with multiple targets on the shot timer only to look up and see a lady coming down the range with targets in hand! (We have a system of flashing red lights to close the range.)

When he confronted her about it her reply was, “well I was finished shooting so I don’t see what’s the problem?”

And to be honest we have been having issues such as this on a more frequent basis with millennial generation.

Another shooter told about his shock and surprise to see a young man walk over the impact berm on a hot range. HIs response, “I have a right to just look around!”

Post your stories from the range here. Be they cautionary, humorous, or bragging. :grin:


Was shooting with some friends Friday, so lined up for my turn to run a course of 16 targets. Was feeling great about the previous 2 course runs and was pumped for this third. Beeper went off, leaned past the barrier, and… no bang!! Went to the slap, rack process and still no bang!! Looked at pistol and noticed the trigger was solid against rear of guard. Turns out the trigger pin had come out releasing spring internally(which promptly fell to ground when pistol was racked). Problem was my own fault. Had not properly seated pin so that spring fit into groove in pin. Yeah, another Hoisted on my own petard and senior moment!! :cry:


@russ I had a funny incident not so long ago…

Our caretaker lives on the range and is about 100 years old. Due to his advanced age and the fact that he served in the navy at about the time of the Civil War I always show proper respect by calling him, “Mr. Squid.”

He of course calls me by an equally appropriate title of, “f*cking jarhead.” :grin:

But the one area he and I agree upon is our shared pet peeve of people who shoot target frames. He and I will hold session loudly declaring that folks who can’t hit an 18"x30" back drop have no business shooting!

Then one day I was on the pistol range with my son. There were several other shooters so to be polite I placed our stands closer together than I normally do…

My son was shooting a .22 at 30 yards and I was doing double tap drills on three target stands at 12 yards. All of the stands were brand new, freshly built without a mark on them.

I finish my sets just about the time the ancient mariner shows up to empty trash cans and to my horror and everlasting shame I had shot through my targets and had patterned a nice neat group of 60 rounds on the leg of my son’s target stand! Only a few splinters of wood held it together.

And of course there was absolutely no way I could hide my mistake from the crusty old salt. :disappointed:

To this day he tells everyone of my embarrassing moment. And since he is likely to live to about 1,000 I will probably never live it down. :astonished:


Back when I lived in Houston and shot at Top Gun some of the folks that we shared the range with were hilarious and fun. Often I would walk into the range room and be assaulted ( in a cute way ) by scores of young asian visitors. The ladies were the most entertaining. Giggles and laughing ensued. Usually about 4 or 5 to a party shooting in one stall. Now I know some of you would scowl and preach control … control…control… but for me it was a blast. Many times I would be shooting big and loud ( 1911’s, Judge’s, 357 and 44 revolvers. the ladies would hang around me and giggle etc… many times I would offer to let them try one of the big and loud’s , sooo much fun. For the scowlers - yes I insisted on slow and safe. It was great being able to share the range fun with foreign visitors. There is no language barrier when everyone is enjoying a similar activity. As a side note, the only range fools I ran into were born and bred Americans, showing off to their GF’s or BF’s. Another aside, when the Desert Eagle 50’s were playing those visitors were in awe - they wouldn;t even get close to the guys making Godzilla concussion waves. Even me shooting two lanes down would get pushed sideways from the concussive wave bleeding through the stall barriers. Wow what a literal blast. I did get to shoot them a few times, really not that bad for those standing behind the trigger. :woozy_face:
Now I live on 20 acres and have 3 ranges setup on my property. My biggest range issue is those darn chickens and guineas. Clueless feathered freaks, they will often parade in front of me while I am shooting on my steel range. Have had jumping chickens and loose feathers flying more than once.


@silverstring yeah I have noticed that one of the first things foreign visitors do is go to a gun range. I taught a lot of Chinese and Korean students at UofO and they always flocked to Cabela’s and the indoor shooting range in town. :grin:


Ain’t it always so?? :worried: Never have escaped notice when I do a boon doggle. From CPOs to innocent bystanders have caught me at my worst times. Oh well, makes for good laughs. (after the passage of time) :grin:


@russ yup, the angle on that far left target was just right to hit my son’s stand. And since Old King Neptune saw it he never lets me live it down!!


Its been a year now and his still brings it up every board meeting!


@Johnksg some people are just plain idiots and its people like that cause accident and give the likes of gun clubs a bad name because the clubs are actually responsible for these idiot when there on the property


@hunter1916 we have a thousand members so there are bound to be a few idiots. Safety is a daily discussion.

There is a cost to this. We have to spend $40,000 on new fencing because the mushroom pickers have pulled down the fences down range.

Think about that for a second…


@Johnksg mushroom pickers make great targets :joy:


@hunter1916 right up until we get sued, lose our insurance, and go bankrupt!


i really wasent serious but why not not go after the mushroom farmer he should be held responsible


@hunter1916 I knew you were joking brother!

It is people picking wild mushrooms that grow in abundance in Oregon. They seem to think fences and posted private property are things to be ignored. That they have the right to wander around the impact zone of a gun range!


@Johnksg no regard for there own safety more idiots


@hunter1916 we have folks from a certain political persuasion whom seem to think private property is wrong and posted areas are mere suggestions. They disregard laws when it suits them…

And are the first to run to the courts and file a lawsuit!


@Johnksg you said it john i never allow politicions near my door well if they can get pass the dog i just might answer the the door :joy:


Nothing tops this tale from the range. Some of you may have seen this. But it truly emphasizes how there are many that common sense does not exist. To think they had sign a waiver and watch a safety video BEFORE this happened.


@Gatekeeper I posted that on another thread some time ago but that video can’t be posted enough in my opinion!

That RSO was top notch!


@Gatekeeper as i said earlier IDIOTS a danger to them selves and more importantly a danger to all around them some people should not let near a gun it like anybody can drive acar but its controling and stopping it is the hard part


@Johnksg Yes Off the Ship’ Down the Gang Plank’ Into the Cab’ Off to the (Juneau Armory) to Shoot Full Auto’s !! All Summer Long!