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Take Down Mechanism

Ruger PC Carbine 19100

Anyone having issues with the take down lever mechanism? I was looking it over and noticed the front locking screw had some play in it, i tighten it up (the one towards the front of the gun) - the whole mechanism will not rotate and lock the barrel. I undid it and I was able to get the barrel once and now its a challenge.

Any thoughts? Maybe send it back?


Have you tried adjusting the Adjustment Ring (part #27 on the Parts List)?

Adjustment Ring


It should lock up snugly without any play, but you shouldn’t have to force it. You adjust the tension with the adjustment ring as brother @phuzzy42 noted. You don’t typically need to move it but a click or two if the lockup is too loose or too tight. Be careful though, if you make it really tight then shoot the gun, the heat generated in the barrel will keep you from breaking the gun down until it cools.


thanks. I have over a thousand rounds and it began when i notice the bolt was loose.


Adjustment the ring forward. I have tried a number of positions from there


Second picture is shows the barrel in, but i can’t rotate into position.

I guess I’m not following what you’re saying…other than I get that you cannot attach the barrel as it’s apparently too tight and won’t allow you to rotate it into position. Are you referring to the same part with the two comments above and, same part or not, can you show which bolts/screws you’re talking about?

Do you mean the block was loose…or the bolt? If you’ve overtightened any screws try loosening them slightly and try the lockup/adjustment wheel again.

Remove BOTH block mounting screws and remount with blue lock tight is what I did.:sunglasses:

Sure - the second picture - you can see three wholes and then the locking lever. The first whole is the one i’m referring to - where i found play in it. I hand tightened. Attempted to reconnect the barrel and thats when i noticed i couldn’t connect. Then i adjusted the adjustment ring assuming something was now off - issue persisted - i then realized the screw must have been the problem. Backed it off a quarter to an eight turn. Connected the barrel and then attempted a few more times to ensure consistency and haven’t obtained the release and reconnection consistency i had in the past. The second whole is where the hand guard gets attached.

I would say the block - but i was able to hand tighten the screw.

got it working again. Yes its the block that has play due the screw. As soon as i back off the screw it works but the block has play. very strange.

Did you access the second block mounting screw and torque them down equally? If one is loose the other probably is also…making the play and malfunction you mention.
My pictures above show both mounting screws locations.

not yet - next cleaning - i’m thinking. how did u remove the locking plunger and spring assembly?

I recommend to make the “full tune-up” before shooting again. With misaligned parts, some wear in other areas could occur from the recoil of shooting.

It’s been awhile since I totally remounted mine. Never needed to go back into it. Not sure if I removed parts 21-2.

I believe it was a matter of pushing the Locking Plunger in by hand and dropping out the Locking Lever. Not hard to do at all.

I used the lock tight knowing I was going to do the same with the Mid West Industries Rail Hanguard I installed. It’s mounting screw was coming loose every 30-50 rds. It fixed that issue also.

Hope this helps!:sunglasses:

Thanks. I have the same rail guard as well. Yeah - 21 and 22 sprang out twice while i was adjusting the mounting screw.

Lock Blue or Red? I also have rockset which i have used for the charging handle.

I used the blue on the two screws.
Nothing on the charging handle…I remove it after each shooting session to clean the internals.

Do NOT use red or rockset unless you never want to take it off again without boogering it up, and like @MountainHunter said, don’t put anything on the charging handle, just snug it down good. You HAVE to take it off to clean the gun.


VC3 won’t hurt. :wink: Easily removable and reusable, stuff stays where ya want it. I don’t bother with loctite anymore on my firearms.


Blue Loctite 242 has a high temp rating of 300*F

Vibratite has a high temp rating of 165*F

The PCC9 barrels get very hot when burning up a few 50 rd. boxes rapidly. Not sure how hot but someone please get some digital thermal temp readings while on a hot run or two.

Just remember to shake up the tube before using.

I vote #242 for anything attached to the barrel.

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Hi - Can’t figure out how to get the locking lever, 18, off of the Locking Plunger Detent, 25. I was able to take the takedown block off by rotating the block and adding a bit of pressure.

I can’t access mine now easily with the Hand Guard Loctited on.

Did you try pushing 22 in…(Detent Plunger) and pull Locking Lever down? Maybe pushing 25 (Locking Plunger) in at the same time?

So you removed both screws and now one is hung in the Take Down Block?

It wasn’t hard to do…just can’t remember the steps.

Can you take a picture of the end of the Block where 22 is?

Sure. 22 and 21 are out. Tried all combos. I’ll put 22 and 21 back in. Then send photos.