Tailhook Brace Opinions

I have a few pistols with braces but somehow the Tailhook has never been among them.

I shot a RCP with a Tailhook brace on it and liked it better than the others I have.

My game plan is to begin with modifying a Zhukov stock to transform it into a tail hook brace for an AK pistol.

So, The question is… who has a Tailhook and how would you compare it to other braces you have used. Photos of your firearm with a Tailhook would be awesome.

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@Dung Be careful on modifying a stock into a wrist brace. The ATF frowns on modifications that they didn’t approve of.


I think what I have planned is legit but your point is well taken. It’s definitely not going to be a stock masquerading as a brace. I have no problem paying for an SBR stamp though.