Tailhook: Backordered everywhere

I’ve rounded up all the usual retail suspects and found no one who has a Tailhook Mod 1 in stock. I presume it is people buying them up out of concern for yet another declaration by the ATF on braces.

I have two unfinished projects that need a Tailhook. I dont want to shift gears and use another type of brace. The Tailhook works great for me.

It’s surprising to me that Gear Head has allowed their retail channel to run dry. When people cant find something they often buy an alternative. Not the case with me in this instance. Makes me wonder - did they outsource manufacturing to China?


I have a lpk that includes a tailhook in my parts stash. I am a Gearhead fan. But, I’m not an AR Pistola fan, so …

Lemme figure out what I got on the other end of this work day. I might can help you get half way there.


I dug around the net a bit, the consensus is it’s possibly discontinued.


Bummer. I hope that’s a rumor. But all the signs are there.


I hope so too! Though I don’t have one its always a bummer when it is. The discontinued was from midway usa.


@CatFood I’m going to cross my fingers and hope it’s a redesign/improved model in the works. I sent them an email asking what’s up… but it is not likely they are going to reveal anything to me.

It’s been a very popular item. Seems odd they would quit selling it. Unless they are anticipating a ban.


If you dig it up, decide you want to sell it, just send me a PM and we’ll get it sorted. If it is discontinued and you want to hang onto it… no worries. Totally understand.


Rec’d email from Gearheads. Very responsive!

They are behind on production but still making the Tailhook. They added that a few retailers have discontinued braces entirely.



I have a tailhook brace I no longer have a use for.

I had it on my AR 9MM Pistol which is now configured as an SBR with stock after receiving my tax stamp.

I also have the buffer tube as shown in the picture.


I’ll send you a PM.

It appears that the overall length is the same. I’m curious why you went for the stamp. Just prefer a stock or some other reason. I’m debating the same thing myself and Interested in your opinion.

I decided to go the tax stamp route so no matter what the end result is of any new classification of pistol braces I would be good to go. I have also added a vertical grip now I’m able to and I really like the stock I went with, so I’m more than happy with my decision.

I absolutely love this gun