T/C Compass 6.5 Creedmoor For Hunting


i bought my 9 yr old a tc compass in 6.5cr last yr , i kill 2 deer with it so i bought me one this yr . i know every one has there own favorite rifle , this gun has really impressed me ,and for the price ,how can you not atleast try it . was just wondering how others feel about the 6.5 cr as a deer rifle .


Tagged for interest. Ive been wanting one in the 6.5 creed. Under $300 when you catch a deal is very hard to beat!

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It’ll probably be just over 300 with shipping and ffl but still one helluva deal for a 6.5 creedmoor.


It’s been getting very popular. Low recoil, and flat trajectory. Gun come with scope bases, and a threaded barrel. For the pric they can’t be beat.


Bought one couple weeks ago. Jut installed the MCARBO trigger spring kit and polished the sear with jewelers rouge and buffing wheel. It is smooth and breaks crisp but quite a bit of travel. All in all I really like the rifle. Shoots .5 moa. Have a Boyd’s stock on the way. Hoping it will shoot .25 moa after that. May have to bed the stock.