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Switch Over: Multi-Mag/Glock

I bought a s2k gen2 9mm Beretta. If I get the pro trigger bundle can I use the Glock mag release to convert to the Glock mags. I don’t own either one to compare the two. I have looked through the forum somewhat to find out but no luck.
Please help

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@gammaman Short answer is no. You have the multi-mag version of the sub. It can be converted to use different types of magazines , however Glock is not one of them. The Glock version uses a different set of grip halves and mag release. You can purchase these from Kel-Tec and do a conversion but it’ll cost a few bucks. A few members have done this.


Thanks for the quick response. That’s what i wanted to know.


In order to change to Glock you would have to change the left & right grips. Part #410-l & 410-R & mag catch. Go on Kel-Tec web site you can find the parts there. You can change the Beretta to S&W by changing the part on the mag catch. If you look on the mag release on the right side of the rifle you will see 2 screws on the release holding the Beretta mag catch. that is the part you need to change to the S&W etc