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Switch from Beretta to Glock 17 or 19

I will be picking up my Gen 2 which is in Beretta. I want to put the pro trigger bundle in it. I was wondering what is the best conversion for the extended mag release. What mags are the easiest to buy, the most reliable and amount of rounds.

I personally like the ETS magazines. I had some problems last year with a half dozen new ones, but ETS had a solution and they now work perfect. You can’t go wrong with Glock factory either. They are double the cost but you know they are going to work. Palmetto has deals on ETS Mags regularly.


I see IDPA guys using the ETS mags and Magpul as well. I use Magpul with no issues and they’ve worked fine in my gen 2 Sub.

As mentioned, can’t go wrong with Glock mags either. The world flows with options, enjoy!

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I did pick up 2 Thermold Glock 9mm 22 round mags. this weekend. Picked them up for 11.00 each. Fairly cheap to mess around at the range. Good reviews on the net. I have a few 5.56 Thermold mags that I’ve had great luck with. No miss feeds or jams.

Thanks for the feed back. This forum seems like there is a lot knowledgeable people on here. You can learn a lot from everyone, even if you don’t ask questions.
Thanks again


Magazines are like the tires on your car, critical to the overall performance. I’d never consider putting Sam’s Club tires on my FX4 Off Road P/U. Cheap or damaged mags are one of the biggest causes of malfunctions in semi-auto weapons.
I never try to save money on mags. I use Glock for my Glocks, magpul for my AR & AK. I have Sig mags for my new 1911, but am ordering some Wilson mags too. Of course, I’m still using these guns in my 2nd profession.


While I’m not disagreeing with you, I have various mags. that I use.

I have:

  1. Carry mags. - I put my life in these
  2. Range mags. - mags. I use and don’t mind getting dirty or muddy
  3. Other - These I can experiment with. I’m not going to put my life into these.

All of my carry mags. are factory S&W or Glock. ETS mags. are very reliable in my opinion. I have friends in the LEO arena that use these for duty.

The Thermold mags. I talked about fall into number 2 or 3.


I trust Magpul’s AR and their Glock mags. It’s kinda ironic, as i got the Magpul Glock mags so I wouldn’t be dropping my precious Glock oem mags on the ground for IDPA.

Now I’ve come to trust Magpul Glock more than oem because I haven’t abused the oem’s to see how those metal feed lips hold up

I recently bought a bundle of 5 Glock used LE trade in mags @ Recoil Gunworks for $10 ea. Then I learned I had just missed a sale on them @ $7 each! As I already own a G23 I have plenty of original Glock mags but bought these used ones strictly for plinking and figure I can replace springs and followers if needed. A couple still looked brand new, one shows some scrapes and the last two look well used but I have loaded them all up and they all cycle thru as they should but am still waiting for warmer weather to give them a thorough workout.

Thanks for the feed back. I’ll look them up.


The Magpul magazine that came with my G19 SUB does NOT fit into the well reliably. ALL my Glock mags work flawlessly. However the Magpuls do feed reliably in my G3 & G4 G19. Go Figure??? I have used my friends Magpuls in my SUB and they do the same thing. There is not a positive lock.

I had the same situation with magpul mags in my Ruger SR556 AR. If loaded to capacity (30) rounds, they would not seat on a closed bolt. Remove one round and no problem seating. Also no problem seating on an open bolt.

I bought the Beretta mag sub and changed it over to the glock 19. This way Incan use any of the Glock mags as well as the mag pull. I don’t have the lock up problem others have described with the mag pull mags. I have more then 30 of the mag pull mags and don’t have problems with any of them. My mags are g19,and g17. I also own several glock brand mags. They all function as they should.