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more .40 S&W ammo and Glock mags

dunno just how good a deal this is but it’s for only for 24 hours…



Picked up a Vortex StrikeFire II for $119 using coupon code STRIKEFIRE.

Other great deals to be found there. Check it out.


K … So …

I missed a deal way back on Black Friday 2017. I have been watching for a repeat ever since. And, it’s back!

Coupon Code “STRIKEEAGLE” gets you a Vortex 1-8 Strike Eagle and 30mm Pic mount for $300 now through noon EST, 4/29/19 at Palmetto State Armory.

Way back when I got a screaming deal on my 1-6 Strike Eagle, I gave $300 and had to give another $100 for my mount.


If anyone is interested in the KSG, Palmetto State Armory has a deal that started yesterday. They’re listed at $599 with free shipping.


PSA has the M&P 9MM Sub2k at $399 on their Daily Deals page.


I bought the 1-8 not to long after it came from a website called scopelist for I think $340 when everyone else was selling it for ~$400. The cool thing about that company is you get to make an offer on a item and they will either accept or counter offer.


Mods-I looked for the deals thread but could not find it.

Don’t know much about Taurus other tan they’re not all that popular but these prices sure sound mighty hard to beat!

This deal is at Rural King stores (I don’t know anything about this dealer) with a fixed shipping charge of $12.99.

Comes in black or gray @ $179.99 w/$25 rebate ($154.99 total) and stainless @ $199.98 w/a $30 rebate ($174.98)

RK’s ad:


Taurus factory rebate:



I bought my g2c from rural king several months ago. It was on sale then as well.
Not quite as cheap as it is now, but still a great deal. Very nice, dependable pistols.
One bonus, these run p226 mags flawlessly, at least mine does.

I actually got it at rkguns.com and picked it up at the store.

24Hrs Only | $28.99 AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

I just bought 2 for $66 after shipping.


I came by to share this deal and found myself beaten to the punch. I will be picking up my pair at the store come Tuesday.


My step father tuned me on to a phone app called AmmoSeek. If you have not heard about it, it searches out the ammo / gun websites and list out different deals on the web. You can define what ammo or magazines you want and it will find a lot of the deals / sales on what you are looking for. I use it a lot now and have purchased ammo a couple of times with no problems.


@dashmores yeah that is the BEST ammo website because it is not an ammo website, it is just a shop engine that finds the cheapest online prices of ammo AND mags! I ONLY use ammoseek when I am buying ammo and they will tell you who has the best deals. You can choose exact ammo you want and they will fetch who has it. :slight_smile:

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Me too, ammo only. I really like it also. And it does not just go to unknown websites. It searches the popular sites too. I am glad I was told about it for sure.

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This seems like a great deal to me. $159




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