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Sweet Deals/Coupon Codes To Share? Post’em Here


2 Glock mags and an ets cam speed loader for 29.99, looks like a pretty good deal


Glock drum mags


Sorry if this topic has already been posted. I’ve searched but couldn’t find anything. I thought a thread on sweet deals found while browsing the net would be nice. It could help the Brotherhood save money or curse us to spend some more…
I’ll start:
Tan Sub2k 9mm Glock19 with nickel boron for $399 and $4.99 shipping. I hope the link works…



@4QBarry For some reason I don’t think the Nickel Boron works with any color other than the black plastic. Maybe because the silver is light and the tan is light. Would like to see Nickel Boron with the Green plastic to see what that looks like, it’s a darker color…just my opinion.


Agreed and I bet the green would look sweet with the nickel boron.


@4QBarry, @dave67

I believe ‘army’ green would look great (just my 2 cents!) Lol


I order ammo from https://www.targetsportsusa.com/


claimed to be ‘on sale’ @ $32.85 ea. which is still cheaper than Amazon

edit: Gen 2 only


just went to link you posted, here is what it said:

Did they sell out that fast??? :worried:


I “had” an ATI recoil pad and liked it at first. I went to the range last weekend and it fell off. When I picked it up it was cracked and one of the sides to hold it on was broken off. It was a couple years old but it went into the trash. I’m currently looking for other ideas…


@4QBarry The ATI is the only butt pad specifically made for the S2K but there are a few other forum members that have fabricated their own butt stock pads that don’t look bad at all and are more durable, there are pictures of them somewhere in this forum.


I’ve seen them before and about to try that “search” function cuz I cant remember where I saw them either. Lol
Thanks for the heads up!

Edit: Found it!


Yeah, I noticed a lot of folks have complained about the ATI pad’s longevity on Amazon, also. I’ve not found any other option I like as much but I also admit to not being all that impressed with it once it arrived. It looks to me like they need to be made thicker on the bottom but I ain’t no engineer…


@4QBarry You may still want to give ATI a call. At least one poster here had a two year old ATI recoil pad split and ATI replaced it with no questions. See this post:

The thread you are looking for is this one:


Thanks! I guess I should’ve held into it but it went unto the garbage at the range. It was a gift so it might’ve made the exchange harder as well. Funny thing is that I never took it on and off to cause the split. I ordered a different brand one and looking forward to it.
Thanks again for the heads up though!



I came across this if anyone is looking to purchase a sub. Seems like a decent price.

I have never ordered from this company so i don’t anything about them.


Winchester .40 S&W ammo


really good folks to deal with (they’ve gotten LOTS of my money over the years! LOL!)


found another deal for Walther fans (I got 2-an M1 in .40 and a M2 in 9mm and I love 'em both!)

Walther PPS M2 9mm was $347.71 now on sale for $249!!! (I paid a LOT more than that!)


Did have another deal to post-Remington R51 @$199 but they’ve sold out in only one day!


@SnuffySmiff if you are LEO/Military or retired you can get the PPQ for $399. :grin:



Need 9mm ammo and want a bunch of mags? Here ya go: