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Sweet Deals/Coupon Codes To Share? Post’em Here


Anyone have any good coupon codes to share? Not necessarily m carbo but the more I save the more I have to spend on more fun toys!


Well, I think everyone knows this one but Brownells gives you $10 off $100 purchase Plus free s+h with code MDX.


I found that Brownell has the keltec s2k aluminum forend for the best price $91.99 https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/forend-amp-handguard-parts/handguards-amp-rails/sub-2-rail-aluminum-forend-kit-sku100017017-80273-163218.aspx it’s not a coupon but I thought it was a good deal, get you a box of ammo and use the coupon code above and you basically get a free box of ammo.


MI optic mount is on sale for 86.99 @ brownell


If you have a 10/22, I found a 25 round mag for 16.99



Not a coupon but Walmart has Federal brass .115 gr. 9mm 100 rounds $16.97 and 200 rounds $33.87. It’s not marked on sale though. It’s like a secret ring up price. YMMV.


Lol, I was at Wal-Mart this morning, that might only be at select Wal-Mart’s because it was 18.97 down here…


You mean 100 rounds not 50 right? I bought 50 rounds of fiocchi at academy for 8.99…


Correction, 8.49.



@Omnivious yea 100. Ask them to price check it because the display will say $18.97 but rings up cheaper.


I’m not sure if this is true because I have no way to actually measure it but it smells like fiocchi is a cleaner round and is cheaper at 8.49 for 50, $.17 per round ain’t bad at all for any brass cases ammo…


@Omnivious I’ve shot pallets of Federal brass. It’s my go to training ammo. It used to be Perfecta until they stopped carrying it. Perfecta imho is the gold standard of training ammo, which incidentally happens to be made by Fiocchi and imported by Tula.


Funny I have several light primer strikes with tula steel, federal aluminum but non with that bulk federal brass.

None with my glocks or ar’s and tula.


Yea, hula steel is garbage, I had 0 issues with fiocchi, it packs a bit more punch I think…


@Kona, I’ve noticed that Wal-Mart’s ammo prices differ from location to location and at least down here in ga, they do not advertise guns and ammo at all anymore, I went to the next town over and got federal ammo for around 17 bucks the other week and then I went to my Wal-Mart to get some more later the same day because the other Wal-Mart only had 1 box left, it was 18 and change 18.97 or something like that…


@Silverback I’ve never shot steel cased ammo. Aluminum ammo was meh when I tried it.


$16.97 & $32 at my Walmart


yea, my walmart has it for 33 and change, that’s down from 37