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Suppressor Advice

I’m going to buy a suppressor to use mainly on my 9mm Sub2k and Ruger PCC. I know I’ll get 20 different answers but I’ll take all the advice I can get.

  • What are good brands for a decent price? Which do you like best?
  • What quick-mounts should I get or does that depend on the can?
  • Will using a can with standard velocity ammo be worth it? Finding subsonic ammo nowadays…
  • Any problem handling a 150-200 round range day? Overheating, burning out, gunk up too quick?
  • What kind of gotchas can I expect?
  • How often do parts wear out enough to need replacing?
  • Any other advice you can give a can noob.

I’m all ears, but please be gentle. :grin:


I like Rugged and Deadair.

I use a three lug adapter for all my fixed barrel guns. For a pistol, if it’s a tilt barrel, then a “piston” is needed and therefore no quick attach.

Yes most definitely. There is a noticeable difference between sub and supersonic ammo but depending on the can it can still be hearing safe using 9mm.

Short answer, no! I’ve run my Rugged Obsidian 45 for 600 rounds in a matter of an hour with several 30 round binary trigger mag dumps. It gets hot but it won’t hurt it one bit.

Depends on brand. Most “good” cans shouldn’t need anything unless a baffle strike or end cap strike occurs. Rugged cans are guaranteed for life and the serialized part of the can is the very first section so any parts can be mailed to the owner.

In my opinion the only gotchas are the adapters and pistons needed for different host weapons, these can get pricey.

Buy a can that can be used on multiple calibers. Aside from that just by a Rugged, you won’t be disappointed :wink:
Once you own a can there’s no going back so be warned.:+1:t3::joy: