M*CARBO Brotherhood

Successful modifications

Having successfully modded my KelTec PF9 with MCarbo parts for trigger, hammer and other mods that turned it into a much better shooter, I started looking for mods for my other firearms. Just finished a couple of minor mods for my Remington 870 – trigger spring and mag follower – and by following the installation videos all of these have been a snap. Thinking about modding my S&W M&P9. I’ll never be a “Gunsmith” but with MCarbo’s help, I’m improving the firearms I have. I never would have attempted this kind of work before I found M*Carbo. Thanks, Chris!


Me too James :v:
Fun Fun !


The most mods I’ve done were on a couple old 8mm mausers. I made one a .22-250 and the other a 6.5 creedmoor. I’m not a gunsmith but I would consider what I did pretty advanced. I made action truing tools, threaded chambered and crowned barrels, fitted the stocks, drilled and tapped for scope mounts, etc.

I’m not scared to tear into a gun anymore especially with Mcarbo’s videos.