Sub2K Upgrade Tips


Hi Brotherhood,

I have most all the upgraded MCarbo parts on my G2 S2K. Gonna need to crack it open one final time to add the Performance Trigger Bar and the Extended Mag Release. But what has been holding me back is that my Carbon Steel Grip Screws are darn near seized up. I broke a few loose and started to strip the head on one. I used blue loctite on them when I installed them originally. Maybe that is the issue? Was I not supposed to use loctite on them? Either way, I’ll probably order a replacement set. I don’t suspect I will need to break it down again after the remaining upgrades but if I have to I just want it to be an easier process.

Thnx in advance for your replies!


@JAFO Did you install the carbon steel grip pins or use the O.E.M. aluminum ones?


@Don68 I installed the carbon steel grip pins.


@JAFO I also buggered up 1 screw and just used the original in it’s place. I probably went to heavy with the Blue Loctite. It only takes a dab on a couple of the threads.



I ordered and tried to install the Carbon Steel Grip Pins and Screw Set from MCARBO and the threads were messed up so bad that I almost could not get them off. I emailed MCARBO and was sent out a new set that I never installed because I like the silver screws on my Nickel Boron S2K. I did not use any type of Loctite.