Sub2K unfolded has wobble

Hello, i am new to guns in general, bought my first AR15 only a month ago and have fallen in love :heart: with shooting and using my second amendment right! Anyway so i picked up a navy sub 2000 on psa’s website and then found this awesome place for upgrades! I ordered the notch rear sights, trigger performance upgrades, tube cover, and double finger charging handle. Anyway before i did these upgrades when my sub2k was unfolded it had no wobble was tight as a button. Then when i installed the trigger peformance package my gun now has a little wobble maybe a 16th back and forth when completely unfolded. If anyone could help me out on suggestions of what i may have done wrong please let me know!


@skylumz Welcome to the forum Skyler.


I’ll try to watch this thread. It sounds like yiurs does the same as mine. It came with the “wobble” brand new, before i installed any uogrades. When unfolded and locked it will, hyperextend by maybe 1/16". I have to hold it just so and apply a fair amount of force to make it do it. It slips right back to its regular position when I let up, almost like it’s spring loaded.

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