SUB2K Spare Mag Holder/Buttstock Pad



What is the butt pad made of? It looks like firm material not like the ATI soft material.


I thought I would resurrect from the dead my original idea of a spare mag holder; and the reason how I found MCARBO Forum in fact. A rail mounted swivel device that could angle any direction and thus be mounted anywhere. Shown here in full ‘ignorance is bliss’ Double-wide mode. :slight_smile:


My 3d Printed pad is made of TPU. Harder than rubber, softer than plastic. To me, 9mm really does not need recoil management, 40 might, not shot that one in a carbine, my G23 the recoil is manageable harder than 9 but not bad. The S2k stock needs to be better shaped to fit the human shoulder.



I have the S2K in .40S&W and it needs a pad such as the ATI butt pad which is very soft. Without the butt pad even with all the recoil reduction items installed I still got faint bruising with the hard plastic butt stock.


I have the . 40 Glock variant and when I put my pad on the stock it made it a lot better. Not sure about 9mm


I like this a lot. Combined with the m-lok suggestion, I would buy it.


I definitely want on gun mag storage for my M&P model. This could work, but I think I’d rather just go straight to a more ergonomic replacement stock. Something with slide padding, a better cheek weld, and built in storage would be awesome. It’s a good spot for a mag with the pistol grip magwell


Yet another product that I will be impatiently waiting on.


“I’d buy that for a dollar!”
All kidding aside, that would be an MCARBO homerun.


In a word. YES! But I agree that it should be a completely new stock and not a clamp on. However cost will remain a factor so if it’s expensive to produce then the clamp on may be the way to go there.


I like it. I have something similar for my AR that hold a mag in the stock.

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I want one. Specially with pad.


Would like to see enhanced latching tab


I’d buy one if it was available in the green that my SUB2000 is in.


I like the concept, but only if you incorporate a pad with it. The one on Amazon used to sell was good, but it keeps coming off. If you could have it as a feature built into the product, is the only way I would consider buying this. Think of the type that is on hunting rifles, with the two screws in the end of the butt stock.


Add recoil pad ankhs I’m in.


SOLD. But I agree with many of the others. Please add a pad. Also best solution would be to just make a stock rather than an encompassing component around the existing stock. Then it can be as thin as the existing except for the butt. Have the form factor where it is shouldered match many of the standard AR stocks out there so a common pad can be used, if you don’t want get into providing a pad.
If you do design the full stock, if you could please make the Length of Pull adjustable beyond the 3 holes of the tube, “That would be great…” some of us 6’5" guys have a long LOP.


here is the pad solution I came up with using a standard AR pad. Feels great but could look a little better. So if the butt of the stock could have this type of shape…


Sign me up for the new buttstock/mag holder.


Skeletonize it for weight and if you could have an option for an additional hole or two to increase the stocks length, could be a plus too.