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SUB2K Spare Mag Holder/Buttstock Pad

Interested to hear your feedback on this concept. Just saw @TriggerHappy put something like this together. I think it’s a simple straight forward method to store a spare mag and improve the buttstock. Giving it a more natural curve for the shoulder with a potential recoil pad to mount into to. Thoughts?


It would be two pieces of polymer that bolt around the buttstock. Using grip pins and screws like the pistol grip.


I like it and think anything would be better than the current one!


Add the recoil pad and id be interested in it for sure


Look at Brother @solarix 3D Printed buttstock pad. Simple, could be made varying thickness to incorporate a spare mag. Figure out best way to attach it, you’re there.

This concept seems a tad bulky when I would be looking more Minimalist oriented. Glad to see attention put on this👍


Looks like an excellent concept. You could then offer different thicknesses of butt pads so everyone could have the LOP that fits them best. Are they ready yet?:sunglasses:


@ChrisNelson I’m luvin’ where this is going of course! :+1: I’m convinced there is a way to incorporate a very practical and convenient spare mag holder in the buttstock in this manner as well as improving the butt pad. I’m thinking an all new buttstock is the way to go but I get wanting a simple retro fit for the existing one. One thing I’ll point out in your design is the added bulk on the forward side could create some interference with the back of your hand/thumb depending on how a person holds/pulls back on the charging handle. Maybe some more clearance could be gained there? I was concerned this would be an issue with the way I put mine together and it looks like it has somewhat more clearance in that area. I have just under 1" from the front of the magholder to the leading edge of the buttstock just for reference. To me it feels like enough but pretty close and I have my LOP all the way back…

This is how I cut the stock to get clearance for the mag

This was an awkward pic to take I have the charging handle locked back and I am just holding on to it with my left hand to give some idea of potential interference when drawing sharply back all the way. A real close tolerance here might require a forward pad too lol


@ChrisNelson I can send mine down to MCARBO so you can check it out if you want?


@ChrisNelson Love it ! :+1: Says I Want it ! :sunglasses:


@ChrisNelson For the people who own the Multi-Mag model with the plastic receiver collar, this buttstock pad removes the ability to mount a carrying sling anywhere near the middle or back of the S2K.


@ChrisNelson @solarix @TriggerHappy (et al MCARBO BROTHERHOOD…) The SUB2K SPARE MAG HOLDER/BUTTSTOCK PAD would be a stellar addition to the MCARBO inventory, for sure! BUTT, STOCK, AND BARRELED… AMEN. :+1: Big smiles!

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Nice idea – I like it.:+1:

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I love this concept. Been looking for a mag carrier and better buttstock option. This addresses both in one nice package. Problems with a sling were mentioned, and a great point at that. So how about adding some mlok attachment points to the side and a picc rail on the bottom so we could attach a sling addapter if needed. I have one on the fore end mlok now and it works great. Why not the stock too?

Something easy like this.SX425


This is very much an intheory idea but a model on the gun would help since right now this looks like it’d add a lot of unneeded bulk to what’s suppose to be a compact foldable gun. I fear we’re venturing away from that.


Great idea! I’d buy it. … and the idea of a pad in different thicknesses is great too.


Business perspective: I expect it would sell well as it seems lots of people want to attach mags to their rifle. Expectations include handling the clearance issues trigger happy noted above and figuring out how to solve the grip angle differences between glock and all the rest or just making it glock exclusive.

Personal opinion: It won’t touch the shootability improvement available from offering a slip on hybridized buffer tube like fitting that allows attachment of AR Buttstock of choice. I predict that KT is going to sell out of their front sight thread covers when you release the hinged optic mount. And, front sight folded stowage is the only obstacle to enjoying a truly comfortable mounting experience. In this regard, you can easily develop an AR like buttstock that is inleted to accommodate front sight stowage and tackle pistol mag storage in the design.

Errata: @TriggerHappy had to cut into the factory buttstock to accommodate charging handle clearance which simultaneously created the real benefit of putting the Mag base directly in line to extend the depth of the shoulder interface. The bolt on you show loses that benefit. My experience shooting with the AR stock tells me that most of the comfort fix results from the increased shoulder contact. My minimalist is barely padded, but it’s night-and-day more comfortable. But it doesn’t offer a mag stowage type solution, so, rhetorically … are you thinking mag carrier or buttstock?


I think it is a great idea. As long as it’s not to bulky. I like the slim profile of the sub2000 for easy carry and quick responce.



If the time is going to be spent on this then why not create a complete new butt stock with mag holder rather than a new one clamping over the old one adding possible clearance issues and bulk. I think it would be worth the time and effort as this could solve two popular talked about issues at the same time, uncomfortable stock butt stock and no spare mag holder.


I do like the idea, but…like @Dave67 said, why not just make a whole new stock? The most important things for me would be more adjustability in LOP. I like the idea of an extra mag carrier also but i use 33 round joy sticks in my s2k so its not a deciding factor for me. If i cant hit it with 33 rounds i shouldnt own the gun. I think the better way to go would be make a completely new stock and make a seperate extra mag carrier that could be either attached to the front rail or stock. This would give the end user the option of mounting the spare mag where it best suited their needs. Just my 2 cents worth.



I love love LOOOOVE @solarix butt pad idea! Just fatten it up, add 1” or 2-3” there’s your LOP. Make a slot in it there’s your spare mag holder. S2k would retain its minimalist utilitarian appearance.