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Sub2k shooting left?

I mounted a holosun 510c on.my mcarbo mount.

Sighted the sub2k at 60 yards. Drilling the bullseye. Cloverleading shots.

Went out to 100 yards and it was shooting left like 6 inches.

Back to 50 dead on.
Dailed red dot off center and elevation.

Resighted at 50 and the same thing kept happening.

If I brought the impact to the right I waa drilling it at 100 but then I went back to 50
I was shooting to far right.

I can compensate to get good hits at 100 but this seems odd.

Shooting both eyes open. I have been shooting for 30 years so I understand trigger pull etc. I dont have this issue with other rifles.



@Silverback, Sounds like your mount or Holosun is mounted slightly canted. I’d loosen it all up and then work my way around tightening each screw slowly and evenly. Reading some of your other posts, it sounds like you have experience in this, but I’ve made worse mistakes in the past. Seems like whenever I get (over) confident doing something routine, Murphy jumps up and humbles me. Something else you may check is the length of the pins between the forend halves. If one is short, it may cause the plastic to deform just enough to cant the mount some.


Sounds like a plan. I didnt even check out how the holosun was mounted. I just took it out of the box and went to the range
It has quick release so maybe I need to take a look at it.



Hey Mike
SO TRUE :v::v:
Me too


File down the “peaks” at the center of the Pic rail. Seriously, file them flat. If you mount the optic loosely, you’ll see that it rocks back and forth from side to side. I have that same exact optic on my S2K and it’s fantastic. But, I filed the peaks down perfectly flat and smooth. It’s easy to do and it goes quickly. Some here may tell you that it’s not needed, but don’t believe them. It absolutely worked for me and I’m guessing it will for you, as well. :+1:


Its mounted on the mcarbo quick detach mount