SUB2K Reset Issue


I don’t have plans to tear down right now, I am not planning on using mine for defensive purposes any time soon so it will continue to be tested at the range, I have about 500 rounds through the rifle, half with trigger bar and half without, the only problem I ever had was one single failure to feed which I imagine was not the rifle’s fault since it was a steel case.


Just received my Trigger Bar on Friday. Was going to install it on Sunday afternoon, but had a surprise visitor that bumped my play time. So today I just thought I would check in to see what was up on the Forum and followed this thread all the way through. Great information; and more proof that their is a God. He knows I have taken my S2K apart multiple times as the new parts have come out. Although I don’t consider it a difficult project, He saved me from just one more disassembly! :sweat_smile:


I just finished reading the entire thread on reset issue. First thing is a “well done” to all involved!
At this point it is probably moot, but I will throw this out there anyway.
In the beginning there was discussion about marking to see contact points, and what to use. White out, tape and black marker, etc. I don’t know if it would have provided the desired result in this instance, but in the past i have used a soap stone for that purpose.
It is dry, visible white, inert, non-abrasive and harmless to all materials as far as I know, makes a thin layer, doesn’t ball or gum up, and can be wiped off easily.


Very little to add, but I did get mine together late last night. Started putting it together Sunday, but I gave up 'cause the trigger bar that came friday was nowhere to be found. Turns out dropping the package in a pile of bills was a GREAT way to get it out of sight.

So, I just barely broke the corner. I might have taken a thousandth off the corner. I also clearanced the grip half where @Kona demonstrated contact by maybe a couple thousandths left a light coating of Ballistol on the grip half and the trigger bar.

Never failed a single function check!

ETA: Ok, had to swing through the range and put a couple mags through the Sub 2k. My enthusiasm was restored. Through function checking I had a reset every time, but feedback to the finger was weak. When I released the trigger I always had a reset, but I could not tell you when it had returned even on a slow motion trigger release. At the range … no questions about when/where the trigger resets. It is staying installed and next time I open my Sub 2k, it’ll simply be 'cause I wanna.


I installed my trigger bar last night, and going to range to test it tomorrow. Will give a report on it then.

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Rounded my corner and still having issues. :disappointed_relieved:

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@SteveG75 can you post a pic of your trigger bar?

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Pics attached after I rounded off the corner. Not perfect but sear should not be hanging up. I think I am actually having a friction issue between the bar and the body. I have a tool that lets me manipulate the bar with the gun assembled (long pick). The new bar is a lot harder to move. I am thinking that the sear spring does not have enough oomph to move the trigger bar down on the reset.


Good job on the troubleshooting. Please keep us posted when you do find the fix as I haven’t done the corner on mine yet.

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@SteveG75 would your trigger reset with the OEM bar? The original reset failure with the pro trigger was because the trigger was catching on the polymer frame and the channel needed to be sanded down.


Original trigger bar resets perfectly. Had gun apart 3 times tonight before I gave up.


@SteveG75 what springs do you have in?


@SteveG75 also does your trigger pin move freely inside the trigger bar hole? People were reporting tight tolerances.


Trigger pin moves freely. Mcarbo springs. Not even sure where the stock springs are. Just moved and things are still in boxes.


@SteveG75 keep trigger bar in, find OEM springs and try them.


Is your sub still open? Can you take a pic of it’s current configuration with bar in?


Closed up tight. No plans to reopen right now.

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Make sure it’s not too tight, try backing out the screw that’s on the trigger bar side just a quarter turn and try it out, it may be that the polymer is squeezing the trigger bar due to over tightened screw


Another possibility…rounded the corner & put it back together. Tried the trigger & it wouldn’t move. Inspected it more closely and the trigger bar rode up on the seat. Took a punch pushed it down into place. Trigger was free, finished reassembly and function tested. Didn’t reset. Tried it again… and about 30 more times…and could not get it to repeat. Reset every time. I’m kinda anal…I want my firearms to function check. I know others posted here that it ran fine so they weren’t worried. Still, it bugged me. Good to know I have the Brotherhood as a resource. & that MCarbo are so in touch with their customer base. Kudos to Chris & everyone at MCarbo & all who post here. Thanks. Oorah.