SUB2K Reset Issue


It still a smidge thick but what about putting a tiny piece of clear tape with black magic marker on it? If there’s no rub, the black marker will stay on the tape. If there’s rub it’ll wipe and show contact.


KRYLON Bright’s Pen might help ya out on this.


I’m just asking because I don’t have one yet but does it feel like it’s sticking during release of the trigger? I guess it would be better if you had one with factory trigger bar next to it to feel the difference…

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Could probably spray it with lay out bluing like we use in the shop when reverse engineering things. Spray it on and assemble, cycle a few times and disassemble and see it the bluing got scratched anywhere. Personally, I’m not worried about it for now. I ran about 125 rounds through it today and it ran flawless. I used S&B 124 gr. FMJ, 115 Gr Gold Dot HP loaded over 6 gr. Of Power Pistol and 124 gr. Hornady XTP-HP over 5 gr. of Power Pistol. Tried to make it screw up but couldn’t. It ran flawless. If I was a betting man, I’d say the shorter MCARBO bar isn’t quite resetting because it’s not traveling back quite as far when cocking by hand as when firing. That may just be the trade off in making it about .030 shorter to get rid of some of the creep the original trigger bar had. Remember, this trigger uses a trigger bar and is not a direct engagement trigger like used in most rifles. This type of trigger is inherently sloppier because of the extra tolerances stacked in the extra parts.


Just installed my trigger bar today and it does the same thing. Glad I’m not the only one and I’m glad i came to check the forum first before taking it apart again. Thanks for all the reports. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the range this weekend and see how it goes. I’ll report if anything significant happens.


9mm Glock mag version here…

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mine is a 40. glock version and it’s having the same reset issue but i haven’t fired it yet. I’ll report back when i do.


I installed trigger bar ss feed ramp recoil buffer today as I was polishing ss feed ramp I also polished hammer and searer on there contact points like trigger-happy did I also looked at trigger bar and ran a very fine honing stone over all edges to kinda deburr it the ran polishing cone over it didn’t real polish any thing on the trigger bar there a spot on case I silicone grease where it looked like it made contact mine so far has reset every time tried to see it I could replicate this problem I couldn’t


Thank you for the feedback. I’m going to rip apart every sub we have and try to replicate the problem / further develop solutions like this.

I think it’s a minor clearance issue that we’re all experiencing. I’ll know more by late morning.

Thank you all for providing feedback and helping develop a solution.

Everyone that bought a trigger bar please report your feedback with the new part. Thank you all for your help and support!


Just want to say I love how on top of it this community and company are!


I have the newer multi mag in 9mm. I installed pretty much everything mcarbo makes for the sub. I installed everything but the feed ramp and trigger bar; it would reset without a problem when charging it by hand with no ammo. Last night I installed the polished feed ramp and the trigger bar. Only after installing did I have issues with a dead trigger. I have not had the chance to shoot it as of yet. On one hand it’s cool if it doesn’t have issues while live firing, however I would like it to work both ways. I haven’t had enough time to really look at it. Hoping it’s just a coating issue/bur that can be polished away, or the oem trigger bar is going back in. I didn’t check for clearance in the non ejection port side before putting it back together. It did seem a bigger pain to get the safety back in this time.


Case closed in my book. I put a thin piece of clear tape on the trigger bar and filled it in with black magic marker. That marker line on the polymer frame indicates contact between the bar and frame. That friction most likely will not affect live fire but doing function checks might slow it down enough to choke the reset. My expectations for this rifle are more tempered than most I imagine because I do not use sub for self defense. It’s strictly for plinking and competing. If the trigger only fails to reset when I hold the trigger back and charge it then I’ll simply stop doing that.


@Kona So, in your opinion/expertise, do you think yours will only get better over time as that polymer wears away…if it ever does?


@wedge I think mine is operating much better with less dead reset because of the wear it already has absolutely. I can still cause it to fail to reset about once every 15-20 tries as it stands right now. But that’s going out of my way to try and make it fail. I can’t ever see myself in a position competing where I would have to manipulate the gun in a way that causes it to fail. To me it’s a non issue. The gun goes bang every time and the trigger bar works great. That’s all I need :+1:t2:


Are you going to try sanding down the polymer a little or maybe polishing the trigger bar a little? I’m like you, I’m just not that concerned after my range time yesterday, it ran flawless even when trying to make it screw up. Don’t really care what it does on an empty chamber, just want it to go boom while doing live fire.


Wish I could get a set of clear grips. Then I’d really know what’s going on.


But, if something starts happening where the hammer starts following the bolt down with your finger off the trigger…game over… Needs fixing before having a potential full-auto runaway. That’s my main concern since my hammer follows the bolt down when hand cycling and the trigger held back. Doesn’t do it during live fire, though, and I hope it stays that way.

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@Texprep I thought about sanding down the frame along the trigger bar but I don’t want to compromise the frame or create more harm by possibly creating a channel that the internals could hang on or possibly create a rough surface that more dirt and particulates become attracted to. I think the best course of action is to just keep shooting it and let it wear down room to operate organically.


Agree 100%. When I first started trying to make it fail yesterday I was only loading 3 to 5 round in the mag at a time anticipating that may be a problem. It never did. By the end of the day I ran full 33 round mags with confidence.


You and I think alike. If I start having problems with live fire, then I’ll try to fix it. Right now it’s not an issue to me so I’m not going to worry about it. The old saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it comes to mind.