SUB2K Reset Issue


With all parts there are tolerances that have to be maintained. This one was a really tight tolerance part as you might imagine. It controls a lot of the critical function.

It has to be a functional improvement that is reliable.

Lets inspect and confirm what it is and isn’t doing.

I’m eager to hear all the feedback on this one. This is why it took so long for us to develop.

All of the initial testing confirmed a solid part that was ready for production.


@Gilligan369 Mine was also a little snug compared to the factory bar. I put a little bit of grease on the pin then spun the bar around numerous times. It helped. I think it was just excess plating on the bar.


Same here. Out of curiosity, what caliber do you guys have


I have the red lion front sight on the way and that rear sight is next on my list. That’s a nice looking setup, I’d love to put mine on a bench and try to get a whole mag through one hole.
I highly recommend their muzzlebrake. I’ve only shot standing freehand and it made a world of difference. Plus, it just looks so good.


I noticed this also and mentioned in my range report back on May 29th. I now have about 600 rounds of 115 gr. and 147gr. FMJ through it and not one hiccup - runs like a Honda Civic. I just went and tried to dry fire reset it again and it still doesn’t want to. Pulling on the CH with the usually ample amount of force it is just dead, pulling and pushing with the opposite hand as forcefully as I can I can get it to partially reset sometimes and onetime it did indeed reset. It definitely is requiring more force now for some reason that might smooth out with more use because, as somebody suggested, something is rubbing a bit. Maybe we do need to investigate doing some Dremel work on the inside of the case…


Reset issue here with the new trigger bar. Hammer will not lock back with new trigger bar installed and trigger held back while cycling bolt. Pulled gun apart multiple times. Went back to stock trigger bar and no issues.

If a gun does not function check, I will not take it to the range. I think this is an issue with clearances. Noticed that the new bar is a tad thicker than the old one.


Does anyone have a caliper to measure the thickness? And are we sure it’s not because there was too much pretravel taken away so the trigger is not moving forward far enough for a reset? Or possibly a mix of both?


@ChrisNelson, could you test this with the s2k that has the cut out to see if you can see anything that might be causing this issue? Or does the cutout actually alleviate the issue?


My SUB2000 is in 9mm, Glock version.


Mine is the same,if I release trigger its resets,If I keep pressure on trigger while Charging! it
it clicks but no reset dead’ I tried all your tests as per your post safety button etc.


I imagine MCARBO did extensive testing prior to even putting the prototypes in forum members hands. Kind of interesting such a simple thing as a function check would not flag on their end. The reset issue does exist and I have been able to replicate it but my rifle does reset as intended with the trigger bar. Maybe I can try putting some kind of marker on the trigger bar that will show on the polymer if there is contact.


My thinking is maybe a tolerance stickup issue. Noted that the new bar is thicker than the original and wondering if there is enough interference to prevent the sear from resetting (especially with the Mcarbo springs) due to side pressure from bar. Worked better when I was troubleshooting without the two halves screwed back together.

I don’t like to shoot guns unless they function check 100%. I would surmise that everything works at the range for people due to vibrations from the recoil helping the sear move.

Didn’t think to measure the bars while I had the gun apart.


Another data point may be Glock vs Multi-Mag grips. Mine is a 9mm Multi-Mag (M&P) FDE (which may be an issue since it is really some kind of coating to make it FDE).However there is less coating on the inside of the plastic.

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Mine is 9 milly for rilly Glock version.

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Mine is .40 in multi, no issues


How about putting some white out on the trigger bar and see if any part rubs off? I wish I had my trigger bar so I can test too😒


Had to hit that 20 character minimum, huh? LOL


Anyone with a.40 having issues?


@Wedge every once in a while I need to let my street slang come out especially when combating that stupid character limit! :joy::joy::joy:


@Omnivious white out could be a little too aggressive and dry and clump and goo kind of fast. It also adds thickness which could artificially cause the bar and polymer to touch. I need something a tad thinner that could still transfer when touched.

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