SUB2K Reset Issue


Any problems when actually shooting it?


Haven’t had it to the range yet. Just changed out everything yesterday evening. Heading to the range in about an hour.


Mine will also reset if I come off just ever so slightly.


Well, if it’s like mine, then it should shoot okay. Please do us a favor and check it when you shoot it while intentionally keeping the trigger fully pulled back. I wonder if @ChrisNelson knows about this.


Will do. Getting my range bag ready to go now.


I’m sure @ChrisNelson will know about it after he reads these posts…:grin:


Mine did that once. Reset a bit soft somewhat hard to discern


I know, that’s why I tagged him first. :+1:

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Just trying to double up to make sure he sees it :wink:

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Wow, you guys are on it! So a quick update, I opened her back up for round #3 and replaced the new trigger bar with the old (without disturbing any other parts mostly) and now the issue is gone.


Ok, I’ve run one 33 round mag of S&B 124 gr. FMJ. Ran the first 5 shots as I would normally shoot then 28 rounds trying to make it not reset by holding the trigger. It ran flawless. Whenever I let go of the trigger you could hear it reset as the trigger was almost all the way back to the forward position.

I truly tried to make it not reset by putting way more pressure on the trigger than normal, but like I said, it ran flawless.

Also tried some lighter practice loads I have loaded for my wife just to verify no problems on lighter loads and it also ran flawless on them. Handloads were 124 gr. Hornady XTP-HP on top of 5 grains of Power Pistol and WSP primers.

Don’t think there is an issue from this limited test. I might add that all the internals offered by MCARBO were just installed yesterday. Real happy with the way everything is working.


@Djaun I do think it’s a fixable issue. I have the new trigger bar with about 1k rounds on it and I only have a dead trigger reset on initial reassembly after I’ve had the gun open. I tinker with it and it stops. I currently have positive trigger engagement and positive trigger reset with new bar.


Range day with the new trigger bar and all new mcarbo internals, flat trigger, aluminum trigger gaurd and new rear sight. Everything working good.


Just installed mine, i noticed it didn’t have the top and down freedom the stock one had but I’ve had no issues so far.

I absolutely love it.


Hey M*CARBO Brotherhood! Glad to hear everyone is reporting their New Trigger Bar results.

Feedback is always key with a new product…whether it’s good or bad I want to know.

As always if someone has an issue…we’ve got you covered and will handle it. Let’s confirm it is an issue first and go from there.

  1. A live fire test is a must and the ultimate confirmation of a functional problem.

  2. Take pictures of the part after live fire. We need to inspect for any unusual wear patterns or flaws. These will be useful clues in determining the cause of the problem.

Keep reporting results. I’m really glad we’ve got this forum. Lots of good information so far and critical feedback.


It’s just not very confidence inspiring, though, especially for people who might rely on these for self-defense. To me, having to tinker with something to get it to work means it can “untinker” itself and stop working, possibly at a very inopportune time.


@ChrisNelson just to be clear I’ve never had a “dead trigger” or trigger reset issues during live fire or any time outside of initial reassembly or purposefully trying to induce a failure. I am a firm believer in confirmation bias so I am doing my due diligence to report good, bad, or indifferent but outside of what I have already mentioned, my trigger bar is working as intended and working extremely well. Very happy with the new trigger bar.


Same here. No issues with mine when actually firing. It’s just a peculiar thing that it does and I’m interested to know why.


Did you guys have any issues when putting the spring pin through the bar? Mine was a little tight. I just ran another 50rds through and it only got better. I give two thumbs up only because I don’t have any more thumbs!


Mine dropped right in just like the stock trigger bar after I had it apart the first time.