SUB2K Reset Issue


If I send mine back will you fix it to and sign it for me??? You are Awesome!!!

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I just finished the MCARBO trigger bar fix and my Sub-2000 function tests flawlessly now. I used a fine jewelers file and followed Chris’s video and all is well. All I did was take off that sharp edge like Chris showed, coated with some Super Lube and watched his reassembly video again. I also installed the Kel-Tec Heavy Weight Bolt while I had it apart, it is 1 1/8th oz. heavier than stock bolt and with the MCARBO recoiless charging handle, bolt buffer, muzzle brake and ATI butt pad should help even more with the .40 recoil. Chris’s upbeat positive videos are just great to watch, you can tell he loves what he’s doing.


Put in the new trigger bar and trigger only worked if cocked and pulled pointed straight up. Horizontal cocking produced a dead trigger. After a little jewelers file and sand paper, everything worked fine. 200 rounds without a fault. Now, on to read the forum about how to keep my muzzle brake from coming loose.


I’ve been busy and didn’t get to the installation of the trigger bar for one of my sub 2K’s until today. Surprised to discover when I checked the blog that there has been an issue…and you already came up with a solution. Great support! Thanks for effort. I’ll order another trigger bar for another sub 2K today. I have no concern about a few minutes work on the part. A little sweat equity is a good thing.


Probably the best use of this forum for MCARBO is all the great ideas, R&D, and troubleshooting just like you noted. Great place to be around👍


Read through this topic – someone asked if the Trigger Bar now shipping will still need to be “sanded down” i.e. “fixed” or if the product now is the improved version? Anyway, I didn’t find the answer and would like to know as I anticipate ordering soon.


@SubVersive I would assume that Chris has fixed the issue on all new trigger bars, it would be easy to tell when you receive it if that corner is sharp or has been rounded off.


Since it seems to be out of stock, I’m imagining that it is being taken care of and will re-appear shortly with the tweak. :wink:


Did the sanding in the video and it works great now.


I tried sanding the corner down on my trigger bar, I get the audible click, after recharging the bolt and releasing the trigger, but after pulling the trigger again, nothing. Would my missing detent pin and spring be the problem now?


could very well be. The safety guides the TB up to engage sear and down to keep TB low, will not engage sear.


I finally installed my trigger bar with a bunch of other cool excellent MCarbo items. I also had the screws and pins bundle, recoilless charging handle, Glock mag release, aluminum trigger guard, rear peep sight, This is my 2nd time going into the sub2k since the first time was to install the trigger springs and mcarbo trigger.
Way easier this time with the sub2k castle nut tool, dowel and 2.5 mm wrench. Made it so easy. I actually had to tear into the gun two more times cause of the polymer interference and I had to go into it one more time to round off the sharp edge, Now the gun function checks and can’t wait to hit the range a few days from now.

Thanks MCarbo and all you great folks sharing your info.


So glad that I found this thread! Just wish that I would’ve saw it before installing the new trigger bar… I just finished installing & have the same issues in regards to trigger reset. I did not have issues with the previous one. I thought that I might’ve jacked something up but it looks like a common issue. I’ll take it to the range soon and see how it functions.