Sub2k recoilless charging handle

Hello Lee here! New to the forum but have had the sub2k for a few months and decided to upgrade. Just purchased the recoilless charging handle and installed the locking pin. Thank you for the video never could have done it without it. Thank you for posting all how to’s they help very much! I’ve also gone through a few posts and all of you are awesome with your positive help and advice. Thank you all very much.


@L3lll Lee welcome to the forum! Great place here! Make sure you post in the introduction thread if you haven’t already.


Welcome to the forum. I invented it.

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That, and the internet.

Calm down Al Gore :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hi. My name is Gore, forest Gore.

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I got the recoiless charging handle before I even fired my new Sub 2000. However, I totally screwed up the locking pin installation (while watching the video!). Do they sell the locking pin and spring already assembled? Help!


I was wondering the same thing. So far I couldn’t find it.


At least I’m not alone.


You, are not alone. There are at least 13 voices
in your head to keep you company.

That would actually be a pretty good idea and an opportunity for M*CARBO. Send in your existing stock recoil and $20, get a recoil spring with the new locking pin installed. :grinning: :+1:

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