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Sub2k Canted Front Sight Post


Hello everyone. I have an issue on my gen 2 sub2k. The front sight post appears to be canted and rubs the polymer on the butt stock when folding. I haven’t gone out to shoot it yet and its brand new out the box with a full set of MCARBO parts installed and I noticed that the factory rear sight doesn’t line up with the front. Front sight needs to come to the right to be centered. I tried to find information on correcting this but haven’t seen anyone cover this topic.


@btexasguns This seems to be a common issue with a lot of new S2K’s. The front sight can be straightened by simply heating it up with a heat gun to loosen it. I’m not sure of the product used on the front sight threads (maybe Rocksett) to hold it in place but I think maybe once it cools back down it will reharden and hold, worth a try.


Mine is slightly off, just got it a week ago. I spoke to the keltec rep and yes, he confirmed that we remove the thread protector, then hex nut then heat the sight with a hair dryer and break loose. Unfortunately I didn’t ask about what super stuff to use to remount. You’ll want to use a padded vice or vice grip to hold, counter hold for removing the nut and sight


@btexasguns Kel-Tec’s operators manual has instructions and pictures on sight adjustment on pages 11-15. There are 2 different front sights used. One has a small set screw that needs loosened, the other uses a locking nut in front of the sight. They both use loctite on the threads so heat may be necessary.


thank you for your swift replies. Consulting the owners manual and grabbing the heat gun !


One final question. What loctite do you guys use for the front sight post?


@btexasguns Use blue 242 Loctite or 242 Permatex, same stuff.


Ive used in the past Locktite 380"Black Max" , now im using the Vibra tite VC-3



Hey Buck, How’s that working out for you?


My Gen2 was the same way. I just removed the thread protector and loosened the lock nut. Then placing the front sight on a piece of wood, I twisted the rifle until the sight was aligned properly. I then jammed the lock nut tightly to the front sight and reinstalled the thread protector. I DID NOT use any locktite and so far after a couple thousand rounds it has not moved.


@lonewolf so far so good, no firearm part ive applied it to, has moved a iota. used it exclusively on the sub 2000, should be up over 500 rnds tomorrow, and applied it to a 'breecher" tip i installed on a pump shotgun (250 rounds on it)
what gets me is i didnt think of using it sooner…



When I removed the front sight on my Gen 2 all I can say is the original product used to hold it in place was a light grayish product, it was not blue, red or black in color.



I use the loctite on firearms like I did with cars as a tech. Use ‘red’ if you don’t service the parts ‘regularly.’ Red will not come apart easy at all… I switch ‘serviceable’ items using either ‘blue’ or ‘purple.’ It holds extraordinary and it comes off and cleans up fairly easily…


I set my S2K in a vise and removed the cover then
the twisted the front sight. I didn’t need to heat the sight to release the glue. I left the sight off.


i can’t help you but many on this site will ,welcome to the forum bud