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SUB2000 Warranty Issues

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I had a warranty issue with my Sub 2K and contacted Kel-tec on a Wednesday. They immediately emailed me a shipping label and I sent it to them via FedEx that day. I received the gun back on Saturday morning! Best customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful company.

I have 700 hundred rounds through it now without one single problem. 100% reliable.

I’m so impressed with Kel-Tec I’m getting ready to buy another gun from them.



Welcome to the MCarbo Brotherhood, Mitchell…


Update on Kell Tec warranty.

Kell Tec strikes again.

I decided to stop by my gun shop today to check the status on my gun. The gunsmith told me they had contacted Kel Tec and Kel Tec’s reply was that I broke the gun (They have not even recieved the gun yet for repair). They accused me of breaking the Nut on the barrel by simply removing the plastic forend off the gun. At no time did I hear a snap or pop or exert excessive force in removing the forend of the sub 2000. You simply remove the screw and the forend seperates. That simple. Furthermore, they still will not admit that the Barrel movement is even a problem.

Gunsmith said that If I broke the nut - then the nut is made out of weak materials or was defective. He also again stated to me that Kell-Tec will most likely never admit there is a problem with my gun openly, even if they do fix all the issues.

I have not even fired a single bullet out of the sub 2000 - it is brand new.

Remember, this is from a company that states:

If you are the original owner, and can provide a valid proof of purchase, your Kel - Tec firearm is covered under the lifetime warranty.

I guarantee this issue is going to end up on a VIDEO on Full 30 and youtube if Kell Tec does not get their act together.

You would think that with their so called warranty on a brand new sub 2000 that was never fired - I could get some sort of helpful reply like, " Sure, send it in and we will fix it for you ".


My dealer is shipping the gun to Kel Tec monday. I sent Kel-Tec a email and told them I am giving them the opportunity to make things right - I sent them a link to this post today.


I know this is my first post here. The op here is a troll. He posted this same bs on Ktog one post and that was and he was mia. I may be wrong but his sub looks like a gen 1. I believe he is full of it. He copied and pasted his ktog post directly to this forum. I have been to Keltec for a factory tour and then took my sub2k to them for to Install all of the Mcarbo upgrades including the new hammer bushing. Doing the tour the red carpet was out. When I took the sub in the same stellar treatment. 45 minutes and my rifle was back in my hands. A big thumbs up to both Keltec and Mcarbo! The op of this thread needs to go play with his pelosi doll !


Thanks ricky - I posted this issue in many places. However this is the only place were I got a reasonable reply. And obviously I have not been MIA here. Furthermore, I have contributed to Kel-Tec Sub 2000 ideas as well as non-sub 2000 posts.

And you are right. The .Giff is of a Gen1 - I found it on the internet. But it is exactly what my Gen 2 is doing.

You are forgiven and welcome to the Brotherhood!:grinning:


Others have had much better “luck” with Kel-Tec.


What the heck are they/you wait’n on. If you’d sent it when you posted, you would have had it back days ago.


If I sent it in myself - I may have gotten it back faster. However, my dealer (gunsmith) offered to send it in for me as a courtesy service for purchasing the firearm from him. He also wanted to take a video of the barrel moving up and down - as well as contacting Kel-Tec himself.

So I accepted his offer.


My guess, it personally would have been a ‘tough call’ to make. When you purchase ‘any’ product from ‘anyone’ a gut feeling would be to give the product back to them to make right on the purchase. Back in the ‘old days,’ a customer was forced to strictly deal with the retailer/wholesaler and they were responsible dealing with the manufacturer directly. If one can remember, repairs/replacements took FOREVER, such as in @Edward1964 case. As everyone is aware, times have changed and business’ are ‘making an effort’ to ‘improve’ customer satisfaction. Sometimes though, it is the over-zealous customer service representative that lacks the skills of communicating with the consumer appropriately that causes the ‘botched up’ services. Maybe **WE,**as the consumer are faced with too many choices to make and are putting too much pressure on ourselves when we dont make the right choices on (where) of sending the product back? Maybe it is just best to ‘personally’ accept the consequences for the decisions that WE make? That just being an opinion… :smiley:


Yea, it was my mistake for getting the sub 2000. Not enough research on my part (As far as how the gun was put together) and I was sick the day I purchased it. This is not the type of gun I would normally purchase.

At this point I just want the gun fixed so I can at put the carbine on the shelf as a secondary back up firearm after I make sure it functions and shoots without issues.

In the future I am going to have a written check list before I purchase any future guns. Money does not come to easy for me - I just don’t want to go into the negative with this debacle.Time will tell.

If Kel-Tec fixes this issue - I will most certainly report it here ASAP. However, at this point it is going to be somewhat hard for me to trust them enough to purchase anything from them in the future.


Every company puts out a bad widget at times. Doesn’t make it a bad widget overall. Mine has been 100% both before and after all the MCARBO internal upgrades and barrel replacement due to the recall. Not one single malfunction (yet) in several thousand rounds, now.


@Wedge your right scott its like buying a car theres always 1 r 2 that give no end of trouble, we call them the friday evening or monday morning cars


@hunter1916 Well Said,Or a Early Release of a New Product’ 1974 Rabbit


I do not want friday evening or monday morning cars …Ever :crazy_face:


Hmmm. If Kel-Tec gets the gun fixed and once I replace all the cheap parts… After the sub 2000 passes the 5000 round test without anything breaking - I might decide to like my Sub 2000.:thinking:

P.S. I am still trying to figure out a way of pinning the barrel in the down and locked position while still being able to take the forend and main body apart if necessary. :bomb:


If they fix it properly and remove that vertical play, there’s no need to pin anything. If anything, that would reduce resale value if you do decide to sell it off. When you get it back, it should lock into position very firmly. Mine’s so solid that it feels like a one piece rifle. Zero movement. No up/down, side-to-side, twisting play at all. If you don’t want to fold it, just don’t fold it. :+1:


if you really really want to lock it open el permanent as in tools required to unlock, I think i know of a way. after you do all your upgrades. it will require some custom work,
but i see no issue with it.
I will go ahead and draw out what im thinking about.


TY thanks any ideas would be helpful!


you plan on upgrading trigger and going to the alloy guard correct along with your other changes?