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SUB2000 Warranty Issues

I knew you could find something. You found my twin brother Al.




I had a problem and they couldn’t say for sure if it’d be under warranty. So sent it in and they did a very good job under warranty. I think you’ll get it back with both issues resolved.


Took it to my Gun Dealer today. He took pictures of the issue and is sending it back for warranty repair. He basically told me that sometimes the people you talk to on the phone are just Bozo’s that do not want to admit to problems on their end do to liability reasons.



OMFG …dont get me started on my horror story…its still ongoing after 2 months. But your sentament is highly echoed in my household. Piece of dodo weapon, piece of dodo company. I for one will never ever buy from Kel-Junk again.


Yea, I am the same way. - but I am hoping they can get it fixed in 2 weeks. After, really taking a close look at how the SUB 2000 is put together - I could have gotten a better gun just buying a cheapo Hi Point carbine. I was told it takes about 2 weeks to repair. Hoping they can get it fixed and I can forget all about this Kel-Tec company. I was sick the day I purchased it and my brain was on half thrusters . Never again will I buy a Kel-Tec anything. Their products remind me of the cheap throw away Saturday night specials of the 70’s.

They could easily make the SUB 2000 into a well built carbine - they choose not too.

My mistake buying the carbine - lesson learn. I however, will make sure I tell everyone who asks about it at the range, " it is Junk and there are better options on the market ".


@Edward1964 I’ve had KelTec guns for a long time and never had one that was bad. I’ve had to adjust somethings right off the bat on some but not my sub. I’m thinking you just got a a bad one. I’ve seen s&w with issues right out of the box. My sub shoots flawless and eats absolutely everything I’ve Fed it with no problems. I’m thinking when you get it back a shoot it some you might change your mind a little.


Same for me. My .40 cal has not had a problem and shoots great. The best thing I did was install the full trigger / interior pin replacement and the Recoil Buffer. I think too that you just got a bad deal unfortunately. Didn’t you originally say that where you bought them there were 3 guns and 2 had sight issues? Did you buy direct from KelTec or an independent location?


My only issue was the new SS feed ramp fell out (I still don’t understand how that could happen). But they took care of it and well satisfied…

Other than that, my only experience is s P3AT. I bought it years ago when they first came out. I eventually bought a Sig P338, spent additional money on the trigger, then bought a Kimber micro 9… care to guess what I carry?

Never a malfunction with the P3AT… A guy at work bought the 32 version for his wife who didn’t like it, so I bought it since I was loaded with all types of bullets for a 32-20 I reload for. I never carry with it but do plink at the range with steel targets and it’s been very reliable so far (owned it <year)

Had a hi point once and it was accurate enough and fun to shoot but there are certainly some advantages with S2K.

That said they all have issues just like ford/gm thing. I understand the frustration but learn from it and move on without having to carry around the bitterness of the experience normally able to tell others my experience without having to trash the company and everything they sell… well it was hard for me to get over a benneli 20 ga fiasco but I’m there now lol


TY all for your replies. Thumbs up to you all!

However, I doubt I will ever change my mind on Kel Tec. I have been shooting guns since age 9 and now am over 50. I have purchased to many guns that ended up with issues in my life time. Just have no tolerance anymore for being treated wrongly.

Having said that - I will enjoy shooting it once it gets fixed - but will never recommend it. I simply will not recommend any firearm to anyone, unless I believe it to be a solid product.

Anyways, when it gets back from warranty repair - I will give a update to let everyone know if it was fixed correctly :wink:



Sounds good… I’m just a little different than you… I’d get rid of it if I felt that way otherwise it’d bring back that sour feeling every time I shot it. I’m 59 and started reloading when I was 12 (1972 when powder was $3 a lb and bullets $3 a 100, those were the days lol).

Lots of guns reminds me of s funny (but true) story. At a Jr high basketball game years ago. Another gun guy sat down with my wife in between… he asked if I was looking to buy any guns. Before I had s chance to speak my wife perks up and said NO! He doesn’t need anymore guns!!! The guy had that look on his face and I spoke up just then and said, my wife is absolutely correct on this one… now he has even a larger deer in the headlight look… I said I have two safes plum full that could only hold a pistol or two… I can’t buy anymore guns until I get another safe… now my wife has that look like she wants to kill me and he was laughing is hind end off. Pretty uncomfortable around my wife but heck we’ve been married so long it doesn’t much matter… I buy a new gun and instead of sneaking it in the house, I’m bringing it in throwing it in the table saying honey! Come look at the new gun I just bought!!! From a room or two away she starts in on me and the next day it’s all good again… lol she knows my weakness


Kel Tec - They always look like something you want until they go dodo on you! Just. LoLs :crazy_face:


My Gen 2 SUB2K has been fantastic and is still here. Hasn’t gone extinct yet…


my Gen 1 rolled over 3000 rounds, the gen 2 just busted 2000rnds. now i can upgrade the gen 2 (1 is done with 1000 rounds since the upgrades) its all a matter of perspective. i swap and trade, so i end up with a lot of problem children to start, to me thats half the game. I probably got money wise less than half price wise in my century G3 H&K clone as i have in my H&K model 93. I coulda evaded many hours of work and quite a few parts, and just bought a model 91 to start with, but wheres the fun and skill in that?
My model 29/2 4" S&W revolver was a wornout beatup piece of crap when i got it. time the last of the Matt blue gets reinstalled, the firearm will be visually and functionally perfect. and be exactly what i was after.
my old P-40 Keltec, work gun, has had around 3500 rounds pumped thru it in its lifetime, changed a few springs, and more than a couple magazines, but i bought it brand new… and its lasted longer than X wife that just had to have it …


I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of Kel-Tec, but my G2 S2K has done fine by me. Before and after the barrel recall, that is. :rofl:


I got lucky I guess? never was in vin # range.


OK OK. Perhaps this is getting out of hand. How about we get together and have a long group hug? :heart_eyes:


@hunter1916 we used to do that every friday. square off a ring on the fantail, called it smokers. enlisted could call out enlisted, anyone with a beef or problem. 4 rounds, 10 oz gloves, Medic was the referee. kept the stress down and moral up on a long cruise. started out you could call out anyone, but the old man stopped that, his officers were getting waxed.


That is horrible brother! I must say however that I deal with them A LOT… Several times a year if not a month and they have never been anything but 100% with me! Honoring any warranty issue i have had, which i think as been one, and troubleshooting the issue to resolution if not! Love my Sub! Have done most of the MCarbo Upgrades and I have at least one guy everytime i go to the range flip out over my version! ON TOP of THAT… It is dead nutz accurate, even with the front site from HELL! LMAO…

I tend to question what you experienced. Not in anyway saying it didn’t happen but maybe you got some weekenders or they out source CS on the day you called?!?!?!? I would call back!

Good Luck Bro!



What happened - happened :joy: But perhaps you are right - maybe something was going on and they were having a bad day.