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SUB2000 Warranty Issues

I am new to this forum but I came here to post situation with my brand new Glock sub 2000 gen 2.

I had been considering buying a sub 2000 for years. Did research - and for the most part everything I saw or read said that the sub 2000 was good to go except for some cheaper parts that could be replaced with better after market parts (Mcarbo).

So when I saw them at my local dealer I decided to pull the trigger and get one. I looked at a total of 3 guns at the dealership. 2 had canted sights right off the bat, but the 3rd seemed to be ok.

So, I decided to go and purchase then gun. I took the gun home and said… Time for some Mcarbo parts! - well… after ordering almost 400 dollars in Mcarbo parts - I said to myself… Now you are in this little gun at to high of a cost - but what the heck… It will be nice when it is done.

I once again smiled to myself and picked up my sub 2000 when I noticed something wrong with my new gun.

It had vertical movement up and down when the rifle was in the extended and locked position. Now the horror of what I just purchased set in… A piece of junk.

I searched the internet and found at least one other person who had this issue. Some of the advise said to make sure the barrel nut was not loose. So I took off the barrel fore-end stock and guess what I see? A tight barrel nut that is Broken (top half of nut gone). Obviously some challenged individual put this gun together.

Now the second horror hit me… Kel Tec does not have Good QA and one or more of their employees does not care about the quality of their work, nor the possible danger that could result from a defective build.

So, after a few moments of buyers remorse… I decided to call Kel- Tech on a warranty repair. The first thing I told their tec department was that my brand new gun was defective and the barrel moves up and down when locked. Before I could even get time to tell the guy about the broken nut… I was told, " There is nothing wrong with your gun… All sub 2000’s are suppose to do that! ".

This is when the 3rd horror hit me… This Kel Tec guy is a severely challenged individual and now I have to eat a bad gun.

Well, I decided to hang up on this guy and call again to see if I could get a different individual. The new person I got in contact with almost told me the same exact response, However… I was able to this time tell him that the barrel nut was broken. He said if the barrel nut was broken to send the gun back for repair - but he could not promise that the barrel lock-up movement could be fixed.

Now, This is my story and warning to all. If Kel Tec was ever a great company… Those days are long gone. If you decide to purchase a sub 2000 or any other Kel Tec gun, better make sure you take a long time inspecting every bit of the gun and if you have to call for warranty repair - you might be in for a rude awakening.

*** Any Advice or Suggestions from anyone on the forums would be helpful.


Also I just thought - It would be nice to have some way of permanently or semi-permanently having a mod/part that could lock the sub2000 in the closed position - Folding option removed. :slight_smile:


That sucks. I have 3 glock S2K’s. The first one was recalled for an issue with the heat treatment of the barrel. Kel-tec had it back to me within 2 weeks. Turns out that the NiB plated barrels were not affected. Another issue I just discovered in another one was an out of spec hammer pin and bushing… I had a couple light primer strikes in the past. When upgrading to the MCARBO hammer bushing is when I discover that problem. The MCARBO hammer bushing/pin seems to have fixed that problem. They are truly fun firearms and with the complete MCARBO upgrades I’ve done I trust them enough to keep one in my GHB. Two of mine are the MSERIES bought from MCARBO, one is a 9mm, the other a .40 cal. Just curious. Why didn’t you just order an MSERIES S2K with all the upgrades already installed? Probably could have saved $100.00 and had not only Kel-tec’s warranty, but also MCARBO’S excellent warranty.


Yea, I should have ordered one from MCARBO… But can’t fix that now :slight_smile:

TY for feedback


seems like we had someone with this issue before, and it was a reassembly issue ,something to do with the lock, send it on to keltec, see what it comes back like, by then i can find the older thread, unless one of the guys with stronger search-fu can locate it…


Oh yeah welcome to forum! @Edward1964 this issue has been done on another thread. I cant remember what it is.

Take handgaurd off and tighten barrel nut. Kel tec says hand tight but the ones that have dealt with this used strap wrench to snug it down.

It eliminates that play. It will be difficult to deploy until it mates.

If I find the thread I will post it.


@Edward1964. Found it:

S2k Gen 2 Loose When Unfolded


@Edward1964 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Don’t forget to go to the First Post Here: Introduce Yourself! thread and say Hi to everybody.


Thanks all for the info and being friendly :sunglasses:


No worries that’s why we are all here. To help each other.


OK with the info given by Silverback - it confirms what I already knew. The gun has issues - one being a cracked barrel nut. As far as Kel Tek goes on their warranty friendliness - they get a big failure, at least from their tec department.

I am going to send the sub 2000 in for warranty repair. If they just replace the broken nut and do nothing about the slop (see .gif above) I am going to figure out some way to permanently fix the rifle in the closed position. I did not buy the gun for the folding capability.

Once that get fixed and I put on the Mcarbo parts and muzzle break I have ordered. Gun should be good to go.

I however, would never buy a Kel Tec, product again…:confounded:


Sorry to hear that. Kel tec has so many innovative firearms. Dont let one bad experience poison your perspective. Who knows maybe the tech guy was having a bad day if his own. Still he should have been more respectful. Let kel tec know about your experience. That is the only way they will be able to correct it.

I started with the sub2k. Then the ksg, Rdb, cp33 and now the su22c. My sub2k experience has been nothing but fun. I like the folding aspect and its light weight.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be a kel tec fan boy but their guns keep me happy.

I shoot my guns weekly. No not all at the same time but they get used regularly.

In fact my ruger security six and glock 17L need to have the dust shaken off.

Keep the faith.



Welcome to the MCarbo Brotherhood! Sorry that you had your 1st and 2nd (factory contact) disappointment due to poor customer service. I am sure that it can stir up some buyer’s remorse? Keep at it and I am sure you will be able to rectify your problem and have quality firearm that you deserve!


Yep, I hear you :grinning:

I will give a report here after it comes back from the factory. I am just one of those people who truly cares about how I am treated by those who I support by buying their firearms. And if someone tries to openly shaft me, I generally will never give them my support again. America is a great place - no room for such conduct.

I just do not want what happened to me - to happen to anyone else :crazy_face:

Thank you all for your positive replies! Great Forum, Great people!


@Edward1964 I think im the only one here whos problem child was one ya didnt expect it was a Glock.
these guys helped me out and pointed me in the right direction with that.
ended up getting a new swap out recon for that one . first time they had seen one worn slap out LOLOL. and it didnt let me know by refusing to shoot, oh hell no, it went full auto on me at a range LOL
sometimes it gets aggravating, and sometimes it takes a while to work it thru. main thing is staying at it till its right…:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:



I was a Customer Service Representative for 30 years and 10 of it being with General Motors. I had always treated people the way I had expected to be treated and it just works! I cannot understand WHY there are so many ‘A$$holes’ in that position (oops, mybadd???) Honestly, I have been becoming very ‘cynical’ towards society ‘as a whole’ and losing my patience much easier as I age. I find myself wondering if today’s companies really knew how their representatives were treating their customers would they address the situation appropriately? My guess, is to carry your concerns ‘up the ladder’ until they are handled appropriately!!!


Buck, you do know not to round off that edge on the sear don’t you?


@Texprep ya know its too dang bad they dont have a whistle’in shoe toe rubbin meme Mike :crazy_face:


If it hasn’t been mentioned already, I’d get it converted to a brand new Gen 2 when you send it in. The Gen 2 is a far better version in several ways. Kel-Tec will do it for around $150 or so. To me, it would be well worth it. Maybe even dress it up with a color swap, if so desired.


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