M*CARBO Brotherhood

SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


North Fla Brotherhood checking in


@Flogrown awesome! Imagine a bunch of the brotherhood all shooting their subs at the same time like the Henry 1000 man rifle shoot. That would be cool!


Bro that would be legit. I want to make it happen let’s try for 2,000 sub 2,000 at the same time that is my goal hahaha


Could you imagine the brass that would be left behind holy moly. We would have to invite a bunch of reloaders to come clean up behinds us


Fun stuff! Will def go again :+1:t2:


If all goes as planned we should have six of us on the 16th of December.


@km55 good stuff wish I could go!


I have to learn how to convert my videos to jpeg so I can post! (Maybe my seven year old will teach me?). Lol

@Kona so are you now “hooked” on steel challenges?


@Johnksg I had an absolute collapse on stage 2 but the other 3 stages went smooth. I tried to go way too fast. Finished 27/56 overall. I’m hooked haha


@Kona Right in the middle of the pack first time on steel, that’s pretty darn good. :+1:


@Kona As always, thanks for the entertaining video. Great shooting.


I really enjoy all range and USPSA videos. @Kona I enjoyed your earlier videos in thread showing different transitions. I may go back and look at those and do some practice on my next range trip.


@Flogrown I plan to do some more of those vids just haven’t had time


you would be most welcome to join us


Kenny, I don’t see why we couldn’t figure out a pattern to shoot while at the range just to mix things up a little.


Ya, I think I need to start challenging myself more.


Kenny how about something like this. Hope you can read it.


Thats cool I like it. I hope all the guys make it out this time


I want to test myself at engaging targets, dropping aim and transitioning to new targets. We all know we can punch paper flat footed. Great idea Ken


Put about 100 rounds through the new sub and ran flawless. Good stuff :ok_hand:t2: