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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@Johnksg my biggest problem is footwork. Running and gunning is the easy part. It’s minimalizing your movements and transitions, your into and out of the shot, all that stuff. I heard Sig offers a school on footwork and I’d like to go.


@Kona can’t hurt…I never had a shooting class or school that wasn’t worth the price of admission!

Minimizing movement, shaving seconds, is what separates us amateurs from the pros…that and playing the long game and having the experience to dig yourself out of a bad stage!

Are you talking about the Sig Sauer Academy?


@Johnksg yes sir. They have a course dedicated to competition movement.


@Kona I swear to “sweet baby Jesus” if you call me “sir” one more time I will start calling you “sonny boy”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Kona congratulations on some fine shooting. :fireworks::sparkler::clap:


@Kona Thanks for posting your videos for us to watch. Looks like a good time.


@godallmighty thanks for watching haha. I keep saying I’m gonna go back to pistol but the sub is just too much fun to shoot. I’m addicted to it.


@Kona I have been shooting my pistols the last month , finally took out the the S2k yesterday and remembered how right you are, they are great fun. I only shot at water jugs, no competition for me. I suck too bad, so I’ll just watch you. :grin:


@godallmighty never know until you get out there and plus just have fun no pressure.


@Kona I was just telling the wife the other day, you and Matt got me really wanting to try my hand. It definitely looks like a good time. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. I laughed out loud in a department store in the mall just now at your caption for your double feed stage. Hillarious. The $#!t show and all it’s glory!!!:rofl::+1::ok_hand:


@godallmighty it is fun to watch…I just pull up a lawn chair and do that sometimes, but it is so much more fun to shoot!
@Flogrown you should try it! Misery loves company and everyone has an excuse…

Is it strange that I dream of PCCs and running stages?


@Kona I think I’ll just stick with my little spot out in the woods and shoot at Bruce the Terrorists. :grin:



Kickin’ ass, though. You still ran that faster than I could ever have even with a 100% running S2K. :+1:


@godallmighty awesome shoot spot you got dude!

@Wedge thanks man! I just love this little carbine so much and I’ve watched my progression happen so fast with it. I just wish all the little ticky tack stuff would quit.


@godallmighty whenever I hit a “non-threat” I just tell em I come from the Spetsnaz school of “shoot everything and figure it out later!”

bruce the terrorist! Omg I really did lol!


@Johnksg The only problem with Bruce is I have to keep rebuilding him. The cost of the cheap sunglasses add up . :sunglasses:


@godallmighty Bruce the terrorist!!!, I love it. My wife used to work at baby gap when we were Young and dating I just showed her Bruce and said if ever I wished you still worked there! I could have put together a batallion of radical insurgents to shoot at.


@godallmighty but so worth it in fun! I use old Halloween costumes that my son has outgrown on shoots…guys have shot transformers, skeletons, ghosts, and assassin’s! And the dollar store is a treasure chest in targets.


Compromising positions? LOL

I wish my back would allow such fine marksmanship!!!


I agree with @Kona the S2K is addictive! I am just surprised more shooters don’t use it.

I know it is cheap…costs a bit of $$ to get game ready. But those are things that can improved…try making your PC9 or JR shorter and lighter?!